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Butane lighters bad for you?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by noonie, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. 2C4H10 + 13O2 == 8CO2 + 10H2O
    -Chemical reaction of butane when it meets oxygen.

    So in reality, all you're consuming is water and oxygen right?
  2. So... you are breathing it... so its possible to drown while using butane lighter??
  3. I wouldn't be really worried about it. The real question is what happens when you burn hempwicks? Are their any carcinogens when burning hempwicks?
  4. Carbon Dioxide not Oxygen.
  5. sigh...there is much more water in the air around you than is released from butane combustion
  6. your good we are all good. this should not even be a question they would not sell them if they were dangerous to your health.
  7. I'm not sure what you're asking, don't worry about butane lighters I don't think they have killed anyone yet
  8. C4H10 = Tetracarbon Decahydride = Butane, aswell as carbon dioxide.
  9. The vaporization temp of butabe is in the mid 80s F I believe.

    And you inhale carbon dioxide with every breath you take.

    Your safe dude.
  10. Yeah you're fine don't worry. Worst that can happen is incomplete combustion and you get some CO mixed in but nothing enough to do any sort of damage. I always assumed people stopped using them b/c of the taste
  11. You don't ignite all the butane. You're breathing some of it in. That's why it's bad for you.

    Less amateur chemistry, more research.

  12. Just because something is bad for you, doesn't mean people won't sell it. Alcohol, tobacco, etc etc
  13. ^^that was my exact thought process
  14. i bet all you that commented just pulled up some shit from google lol

  15. LOL, I wouldn't count on that. Truthfully though, I wouldn't worry about it either. People have used them for decades with no issue.

  16. Google is a valid source for learning about anything if you know how to search properly and call what is bullshit.

  17. This. I would be lost without Google. Forget all the haters.

    Also, to add to the discussion. The formula the OP presented is combustion of butane. Butane fluid contains more than butane. Especially BIC. If BIC provided 100% pure Butane, then people would be spending $6 a can on Vector 5x+ purified butane.

    So, impurities in butane that are combusting, that we aren't even aware of, us more of the issue. Also, ingest butane is another issue. I guarantee your typical Bic lighter, which costs pennies to manufacture, is full combusting the butane that is spraying out, due to the mist simply not being fine enough or precise enough. A bic is meant to spew butane out and provide a spark, not provide full or adequate combustion.

    So, yeah. They aren't the best for you. Smoking bowls and holding lighters over them is a lot more exposure to butane than normal cigarette smokers who only need half a second to light their cigarette.

    I still use em though. Hempwick isn't always the most convenient thing. Nor or other forms of combustion.

  18. I guess they don't try sell tobacco or alcohol to us then :rolleyes:
  19. magnifying glass + sun = healthy smooth hits!

  20. they sell cigarettes and alcohol dont they?

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