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Butane Hash Oil Home Explosion (Moorpark, CA)

Discussion in 'Marijuana News from The USA' started by Guest, Jun 9, 2011.

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    I was watching the local news today and saw this story. Thought i would share. I've never made BHO but i would think that doing it in an area outside or well ventilated is part of the protocol.

    Moorpark Explosion: Moorpark House Explosion, Fire Leads to Hash Oil Lab Discovery - ktla.com

    I've been watching for a little while now and they've played the story multiple times and compared it to a Meth Lab. I have a feeling the media is going to try and run with this.
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    I was just going to create the same thread

    Is BHO going to take us back even more? How would one justify this as safe & acceptable?
    2 injured in explosion of possible drug lab in Moorpark home - latimes.com

    Will BHO soon put MMJ in the same light as Meth to non patients & non users?

    Is it truly worth it in the long run?

    Initially thought of as a meth lab & later found to be a BHO Lab instead.

    Comparing it to Meth labs...... will The media & others try to destroy us all with this?:mad:

    Sure it's nothing new , not the first time & not my business what people do to themselves ,or to the home lived in.
    But I don't want to be even remotely associated or compared. When it comes to the safety of others...............Our fucking struggle is tough enough.

    So am I over reacting or..............?

  3. Over-reacting imo. BHO is an extremely safe process when done properly. The problem is that it is rarely done so. The TRUE danger in BHO is not getting a good purge of the solvent and then smoking that crap. The best current extraction method imho is the CO2 method.

    The media and gov't are the one's making it appear so dangerous. It's no more dangerous than filling up your gas tank, unless you're smoking a cigarette!

    i totally understand what you're saying, but the oils and waxes are actually much healthier for the patient when made properly. Think about it. You are eliminating all the plant matter that would burn and be inhaled so i one BHO or wax hit you are receiving the same number of active chemicals as you would with a whole joint or maybe even more. i truly think that they are the meds of the future myself.
  4. Yeah some kids around me have had multiple explosions from doing this shit.

    Little ones though...but I heard bho is the tits
  5. so why wouldn't the Ice method be used if health concerns are even a slight issue?

  6. Because ice is less effective in removing a larger percentage of the active ingredients and it also allows a decent amount of plant matter into the hash, reducing potency and increasing carcinogens. i really believe the CO2 method is the way to go. No harmful solvents going in and therefore none remaining in the end product.

    i like bubble hash, but the wax is a whole different experience. My first big rip made me cough for about 10 minutes, get all hot & sweaty, and then sat me on my ass and opened up my mind. Never been the same since. Heavy sativa wax.
  7. It seems the involuntary action of coughing is the body's natural way of trying to reject something that is not compatible...such as highly concentrated smoke or other chemicals. . 10 mins is a long time. When body temp rises it's also that sign of somethings not right.

    Nothing wrong with an open mind though :)
    what reaction does the Co2 create?
  8. I don't know. I simply chalk this up as an accidnt. Accidents happen all the time. I also blame the governement. If everyone had safe access, as they should, things like this wouldn't happen.
  9. that's why I make mine in the woods lol
  10. think that will set mmj back a bit... when chemicals are added and fires and exploision happen people are going to think its more then bud.. im sure theres uniformed people that think they must have been cooking up some type of hard drug
  11. Some people already think cannabis is a hard drug. These people get confused when you use the word "cannabis" around them.
  12. True. But my body reacted much worse to the pharma drugs i used to take for fibro. And the pain relief lasted almost twice as long. Works for me.
  13. if these dudes could buy it at the store im sure they wouldnt have blown up their house
  14. DING DING DING!!!! Full-scale legalization people.

  15. the problem is these guys were just plain stupid doing it in their garage. any guide you read that teaches how it is done, on this site or any other, has the same warnings....DO NOT DO INSIDE, or ONLY IN VERY WELL VENTILATED AREAS

    unfortunately it is the stupid people in this world that give things the bad names. like the guy in amsterdam who jumped out of a window "because he was high on marijuana". he didnt jump because he was high, he jumped because he was stupid BEFORE he smoked. but the dutch government used that as a weapon against current policy and now is banning tourists from coffeeshops.

    i am sure these idiots will cause the usa government to do something in reaction too. go figure.
  16. Hell. If smoking pot makes stupid people kill themselves then i want to start passing out free joints :D
  17. lmao....funny thing is it helps cure depression, so if someone was thinking about killing themselves, it usually makes that go away.....

    this guy jumped out a 2nd story window and broke his leg....he just did it to be stupid not to kill himself...but the damn dutchies are using it against pot smokers in general....

    its like the saying one bad apple ruins the barrel
  18. Messed up man. i hate liars!

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