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  1. I did two batches of butane extraction with a lot of my vaped weed (still with plenty of thc on it, i only do a couple volcano bags per bowl). I ground up the vaped weed and used about 300ml of vector 5x refined butane. I purged it about 3 different times for 15 minutes each with hot water and burned off excess bubbles. I got oil, but it was very dark, almost black. There was plenty of THC oil, but also black sticky stuff. I used the honeybee extraction kit and the butane did not sit in the material for long. Any suggestions/advice? Thanks in advance.
  2. I suggest you first ditch the HoneyBee extractor. Go get yourself a stainless steel tube from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and add one of the adaptor tips from the Vector to it.

    Secondly, the oil was that color because of the starting product. The more degrded it is, the darker the color of the oil. There is nothing wrong with it, it just means it's a lower quality final product.

    If you followed your exact same technique, but with all fresh buds, you'd have golden or amber oil.
  3. why in the world would I get rid of the honeybee extractor for a DIY home-made kit (when you are dealing with a hazardous material!!)??!!@!!@
  4. Because the home made kit doesn't include rubber or plastic parts.
  5. huh? I thought it is plastic? It comes with the two end caps...
  6. why would you ask trikky, the god of BHO, a question and then second guess him?

    The dude obviously knows what he's doing lol.
  7. I also use the stainless steel turkey baster form bed, bath, and beyond.
  8. I honestly feel so ignorant asking this but.

    can someone point me in the directions of how to make BHO? I've been searching and can't find it. I smoked some for the first time a few months ago and i think im in love.
  9. You couldn't have searched too hard. It's a sticky at the top of this forum...

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    I bought the stainless steel turkey baster from BB and B as stated in this thread. I took off the end needle and stuck a tiny screen in the tip of the baster. I then took a syringe needle cover and used that on the top part of the plastic squeezer part so I can use the butane without the butane tips just sinking right through the big squeezer on top. I filled the baster full to the top with kush shake and vaped weed. I then proceeded to wash it using 3 full huge cans of Vector 5x butane. I then let it sit outside for quite some time airing out with hot water underneath the bowl to help speed things up.

    The end result from washing ~14 grams of kush shake from a dispensary with this 3 cans of butane gave me nearly 1 gram of thick honey oil. Its extremely potent though.

    My question is this... is it really worth it?

    They sell 1 gram of oil in a dispensary for $20. I just spent $100 on kush shake and $20 on butane. Around $30 in bed bath and beyond for the pyrex glass bowls and other stuff. Would it have been cheaper in the long run just buying it from the dispensary or what?

    Is the weed still smokable at all after washing it? It really looks the same still. :p

    The oil I made is goldenish with some black in it. The oil from the dispensary is always much thinner and pure black. Are the ones I get from the dispensary diluted/cut?

    What are your thoughts about this trikky?
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    i use about 20 grams of weed and one medium size can of 4 x's filtered butane from the local cigar shop, i dont ever grind the weed i put it in the tube whole. my return is usually about 2-3 grams but as the post before me said it's not $20 a gram for this stuff it's about $50/g anywhere i've seen it but most co-op's have crappy bho, usually ground up outdoor harvests..anyway back to my bho, i notice the sativas come out a little better than the indicas as far as clarity.. but, my bho is always hard like glass and see through, barely a tint of amber or yellow to it, people are always amazed.... i grind it up into the appearance of sand on occassion for bowl sprinkling.. i get my herbs from a friend who buys pounds so he sells me for $10 a gram and still makes like $2 a gram and it's the same buds that get sold for $70/e in dispensary's in south cali... i make bho once a week for the last 5 yrs or so.. purge that ish!

    oh yeah you can go back and grind the herb for a 2nd run that will be darker and give another gram or so, then you can still cook with the herb after that...
  12. Very interesting, but the dispensary I go to in North Hollywood sells the BHO for $20 a gram and $25 a gram for the Honey buds which is Maui buds smothered in BHO. So thats why I was asking. If they were selling it for $50 a gram I wouldnt even have bothered. lol But thanks for answering my question.

    I guess for me, buying 20 grams of kush for ~$200 just to get 2-3 grams of oil is a bit much. I guess I will just keep buying their oils and honey buds.
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    dont lie son, i sell to co-ops... hahaha for over 9 yrs dont lie man.. you aint getting purged pure clear amber glass for no $20 a gram fool... you getting some super ground oily ass bho for $20.. pffft done with you heh i'm talking chards of glass type bho dude.. cmon aint 20 anywhere in cali, costs 30 a gram just to make it anyway you look at it. anyone can grind up 400 lbs of outdoor crap and bho it and get semi decent oil sometimes hard yellow rock but it aint no premium amber glass brother not for $20 especially from a co-op, maybe if you met a guy on the street, a vender to co-ops like myself i'd hook you for $30 the co-ops price dude.

    to back my point you said you got bud and its smothered in oil that means its very unpurged and unclean oil.. real purged and clean bho is hard and is ground into a sand like substance if needed, you cant dip or smoother in it.. if it's oily its contaminated with plant matter and butane. most likey a 2nd or 3rd run through the nugs.. yeah then it is $20 a gram or less.
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    Man I never said anything about it being like glass and shit, I just said I can get good oil for $20 a gram at a dispensary. You dont need to go all fucking anal. lol www.DRC215.com Even though they are out of oils right now they are still selling the honey buds which are pretty damn good. Every time they get oils in at $20 a gram I end up buying about 8-10 of them or so at a time. It might not be like glass and shit, but it still is 100X better than any buds the dispensarys sell and well worth the price of only $20 a gram.
  15. Im pretty sure the hash oils in the dispensaries is average grade. Really good hash oil has a lite honey color thus its called honey hash oil.
  16. You think theyre worth it at 20 a gram but what ur gettin is the end product of poor quality butane and trim/shake. believe it or not its bad for ur health to smoke the cheap stuff. get on youtube and check out "the hashman - how to make hash oil" part 3 or 4.:smoke:
  17. hey everyone, ive been creeping on this site for years now and never posted before..so what up.
    ive been smoking oils for a few years now. what are some of the negatives if its not purged right/ how can you tell if its purged right. i have a friend that works at a dispensary and said hes heard of three people getting brain aneurysms from smoking unclean bhos. does that even sound like it could be possible? thanks...good to finally be on the boards
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    Everyone on this site OVER PURGES their oils :p thats just volatile terps mang!!! dont blast those out!!

    that brain aneurysm thing is true, but not cus of the hash, I heard its just from taking crazy MONSTER BIG vapor swing/skillet hash rips, Its much easier to take in way fatter hits than weed. The whole head rush and... man I remember my first hash swing hit at the kind meds hash bar.. It was intense.. like smoking weed for the first time back when I was a kid. Now it's the only way I smoke, haha!

  19. ya my bad about the brain aneurysm thing, i told another friend about it and he freaked out. ya i had also heard it was the monster skillet rips that was the main factor. but as far as testing butane levels and knowing if its purged right...i normally just take a pinner of it and light it and if it sparks...dont smoke it. is there a better way to tell? color/smell/consistency?
  20. I think it is just a matter of time until butane would evaporate. I doubt there is anything to do with bho. By the way, BHO supposed to be more pure than normal oil. Also bad purged BHO is caused by using cheap Butane. Just taste bad, but I don't think that it is poisonous?

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