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butane extracted hash

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tr92, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. the methods ive seen for making hash are the foot long tube, butane, and all the other stuff that is necessary like filters, evap plate, and iso. but anyway is hash produced by this method a high quality, or low, or what? this seems like a bit more complicated tham other methods but idk if that means anything
  2. quality depends on the herb itself as well as how carefully the steps are followed and how high quality the actual materials were so it can be or cant be depending on that info
  3. Hash made from any method can be of high quality if the process is done correctly. QWISO, Honey Oil, Cold water or Bubble Hash, Pressed Hash any of which can be high quality if made with Knowledge or experiance.
  4. actually hashmouf has some very good guides and im pretty sure he has a guide to hash
  5. Threads regarding questions about marijuana belong in the Appretice Tokers forum. I moved this one for you. Please read the forum descriptions before posting again. -Trikky
  6. do u have a link to how to make those last few? and the kind of hash i talked about in the first post is honey oil right?
  7. also whats the best kind of iso alc to get? ive heard 91% or 97-99 and even pure? does a higher percent make a higher quality hash?
  8. the higher the better. ive made hashish oil this way ( butane) and it works fine. it doesnt make alot, but depending on what you used( stems, dank, schwagg) determines the potency.. i used a mix of 21 g's of dank, stems, and regs. the hash oil was black, and oh my... lets just say my 420 was one i didnt remember

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