but why?

Discussion in 'General' started by 'CauseIgotHigh, Apr 12, 2006.

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  1. But Whyyyyyyyyyyy
    But Whyyyyyyyyyyy

    [COLOR=\"Red\"](100 more lines of this shit deleted due to taking up too much f\'n space. *RMJL)[/COLOR]
  2. cuz you got high

    now go get banned
  3. Ive been banned like 4 times hahaha...some of Youse people are no fun :(
  4. i hope you get a perma ip ban you piece of shit.
  5. we like having fun but posting \"but why?\" is lame man. go smoke a J and come back and chill with us
  6. Thats just rude..you dont have to start insulting people.
  7. ok fine... heres a better idea.. how about you and your 12 year old self decide to leave the forum for about 6 years and come back when you have grown the fuck up... sounds like a plan to me.
  8. ...and apparently you\'ve been banned for a reason...yet again. Grow the fuck up!
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