but they do wobble, fall, and shatter into pieces...like my life

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  1. Not that deep but dang,
    you have any broken glass stories.
    This morning i was bout to toke, my spoon was in my shirt pocket and i leaned over a little too far...i didnt even cuss or nothing.
    cleaned it up, went to school sad as hell.
    didnt even have it like 4 whole days.
    and the way it broke was just pitiful like
    "Naw man I can fix it!!"
    but then u realize...no, no u cant.
    I'm good.
  2. I've never smoked out of glass.
    That's how we do it in London.
  3. Never? Hate to say it man, but you really don't know what you're missing.

    In a lot of ways, glass just can't be beat.

    Just out of curiosity, what do you use then, if not glass?

  4. I'm sure I'm missing out, I can tell from browsing these forums, but all that I know of glass is from this site. It's just not the 'way' around here. I'm 18 been smoking since 14, and I know it may seem stupid, and I don't know how to explain, but I don't want to get technical with the herb man, I just wanna wrap it up spark it up and smoke it up. No scientific glass water filtration complicated hand movements covering carbs and all that.
    Joints/spliffs exclusively with the rare blunt, smoke around 5-8 spliffs/joints a day.

  5. Its actually the same around here, nobody uses bongs that i know of expect me, but when all my friends hang out at mine they love bonging the herb, you should pick up a cheap 1, im sure there's a few stores in london with some good glass.
    If your just chillin at home theres nothing like hitting the bong to get you ripped with surprisingly less herb than you use in joints;)
    oh and op, that sucks i broke mine not long ago so i feel ya.

  6. How old are you?

  7. 20 why?

  8. Just wondering because maybe it's because of our age, but what I know of, no one smokes from glass in England. But maybe it's because I don't know many old smokers who maybe all use glass.
  9. it's probably location. I'm 23 and have been smoking since i was 18 and it's always been glass. I can probably count on my hands how many times I've smoked a joint. I wish I could roll one, but I just don't have the skills.

  10. You're from England?
    Well if you're only smoking joints then you get to grips with it. But I guess I'm a natural anyway.
  11. Why not just order a $10 pipe online and try it out? You've got to be at least curious no?
  12. and,, glass can be handed down too.
  13. here's a broken glass story. i sent my inline tube to stone glassworks to get the joint fixed, and it came back with a fixed joint, broken inline. I had the tube double boxed with a fuckton of bubble wrap and bags of air. It came back to me in one box (one of my boxes) with the same packing materials I included, minus 70% of them. When I called Preston, he said it was my fault for giving him a usps shipping label instead of ups as he 'recommends'.

    i'll never buy from sgw again.
  14. I've had one bong, two bubblers, and 2 bowls break on me in the past years. Never could actually throw away the peices for whatever reason (good memories maybe, lol)

    Last year I built a stone patio, and used all the broken pieces to make a glass mosiac in the grout, so I can remember the fallen pieces years down the road :D

  15. SICK IDEA. im going to do something like that with my broken (homemade/china) pieces. sure they were mediocre and not the best of the best but hey...fond memories :smoke:
  16. :(( that's what happended last weekend...it was horrible, my friend handed me my brand new bong..and it just slipped outa my hand and fell and shattered...i mean coudln't do anything but stare at it with my buddies for a good 15min then reply with "eh well who's down for a blunt?" hahah

    as for london...i've been there once (central london) and i could've sworn i saw a headshop with some siiiick glass on the front window (not on it but u know what i mean-by it)
  17. I've smoked since I was 14 or so and when I was 15 I finally bout a tiny piece and loved my lil "Pluto" china spoon pipe. Last summer I had to part ways with Pluto when I was ditching a party that was being busted. I had her all packed and ready for me and my buds when I saw the police pull in the drive way :[. Chucked her onto the street right as we were being pulled over and were then searched. A bitter parting to say the least, but it did save my ass.

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