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Discussion in 'General' started by Smelly Broccoli, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. So I've recently started business with a new dealer. I've only bought from him two time but he has the best stuff I have found. He also lives on my street so it's there when I need it.
    The problem is that he is always either busy or just ignores my texts. I understand that dealers have their own lives but when I tried to buy yesterday, he said he wasn't gonna be home even though I saw his car there the whole day.
    Is the age difference the problem? He's like 24 and I'm still in high school. We used to hand out and play Halo 2 years ago but that was because my friends were friends with him.
  2. he might ave been out with friends
    he might have been on an all day sex binge
    he might have been to high to deal wih high school kids that day.
    he might feel like he is being watched

    there could be a thousand reasons that he has told you not to visit, ask im next time you speak to him...just bring it up in conversation.
  3. Find a new dealer, but before jumping into business with him, build some sort of friendly rep so he's less likely to flub around.
  4. Some dealers, especially with weed, don't do it as a full time job. You want to find one that does. The end.
  5. maybe he's sketched out by the fact that you're in high school. My dealer friend won't even deal with high school kids anymore because they started bringing all their little friends around and it was just too much liability, he said.
  6. I think that dealing is his only job though. He still lives with his parents,(which can be really sketchy when I go over) and they pay for a his stuff.
    I don't know, he just never responds. I sent him a text today saying "Hey man, you good?" He still hasn't responded, should I text back in a few hours? And what should I say?
  7. Have did you try calling?
  8. Always call first.... That way, if he is there to respond, you don't have to go through texting back and forth.

  9. This.
    You should stop sending him texts if you've sent a few(don't want to be a pest or annoying). Tomorrow before you think to text him actually call him.

    But could be any number of arbitrary reasons why he's not getting back to you...He's lazy..You're not buying enough, etc Etc. Either keep hoping,trying or simply cut your losses and find someone better.
  10. Just bc his car is at home doesn't mean he is. I have plenty of buddies pick me up and I'll be gone all day.
  11. Maybe he doesn't like you.
  12. Agree with the others. Ring the fucker and he if he's all good make the score and say whats up. I had an old dealer back in the day who I made the mistake of txting. His number was passed to me from a family friend. The guy is über paranoid about txting....don't think I'll hear from him again.
  13. Good idea to call. He said he didn't have any but he would call me at three. I wish he was more reliable but since I don't have my own car yet he will have to make do.
  14. Also, they're more likely to notice you're contacting them if you call them.
  15. [quote name='"Smelly Broccoli"']Good idea to call. He said he didn't have any but he would call me at three. I wish he was more reliable but since I don't have my own car yet he will have to make do.[/quote]

    I would just stick to ringing him in future man.

  16. Still in high school, no car (maybe no liscence), dealer doesn't text him back, wonders if he should text dealer again, doesn't have another connects.....

    Ahhhh how old are you op?
  17. once i found my one stop shop full time actual drug BUSINESS man..well, suddenly i was ballin but besides that, it was great never waiting for anything. i dunno about bud but with what i grab on a daily basis they tend to be more interested in actually moving product, unlike with bud where as was said, unless u have a full time dealer its usually some stoner who could care less. long ass sentence jesus:smoke::smoke:
  18. I would just call him and be like yo man can i come over?? hes your fucking neighbor... you can see his house lol

    go knock and be like is ___ home. they probably dont care...

    also OP is clearly 18, so its all good.

    but yo just call him or text him again. he probably just real high and not seeing the text. probably keeps his shit on vibrate like all the dealers i know lol, getting mad texts and calls is annoying then you can hear each one
  19. He might be out when u call

    He might have bigger orders to fill first

    He might not trust you

    He might be an immature kid who still lives and deals at his mommys house

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