Busy day... Got blowed from sunup till sundown...

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  1. (This my second time writing this, I spent awhile on it. I did it once fucked up and didnt wanna do it again. But today was a good day and figured people wouldnt mind hearing about it. So i hope to hear some responses on this because it took me awhile.):smoking:

    Woke up, Got to school around 8:20. Kicked it with the peoples. Then everyone went in around 8:45-9:00. School start at 8:45.

    I took off about 9:00.

    Walked down a couple blocks to this stoner park, But nobody was up there.

    So i walked back a block or two and went to my boys and woke his ass up.

    I had $2 on a bag. He got change n bottles and we went to the store. Ended up with another $2.

    So after this, Got to school around 10:35 for lunch. Chilled, Bout a bag for $4. Was about 2 nice size joints.

    We smoked a joint out of it and matched some dude at the stoner park.

    They went back to school, We went up there to chill for a bit. 11:10 securtiy came out because lunch over so the 4 of us, Mike, Al, Dennis and me walked away. Crossed the street and disappeared into these apartments where my mans lived. I deicded to throw $5 and get another bag.

    So my boy Santi and some girl Miranda followed us and i told miranada toc ome chill and well smoke down. So they came.

    My celly got turned off a couple days ago so i couldnt call him like i always do. Seen his ride outfront the apartment though. So i buzzed his apartment and he buzzed the door to let me in. Walked up the stairs and he realized it was me. Told me he outta herb for sale but hed smoke us up. I told him we're 6 deep and he said it was straight.

    So he broke up 4 grams of roach weed. Rolled a joint about a gram. And then brought out the 3 foot zong. Filled it up with water then with ice.

    We smoked n smoked n smoked. Jus got fucknig blowed out. I was suprised how blowed. But everytime i smoke that zong i get to another level of stoned.

    Was chillin stoned and flirtin with this girl miranda i jus met. Shes fucking, I dunno, Fucking pretty lol. Shes not jus hot, Better then that, Shes short, Like maybe 5'1-5'2, I like them shorties. But she wasnt fat whatsoever, She a white girl but got that hood in her. She ghetto but take care of herself. She kinda thick with nice tittys and a fat ass but still skinny. She got the prettiest smile. Ima have to hit it.

    But santi and miranda took off for the school. And dennis, mike, al, marc and me took off in marcs ride to these woods i know of because marc wanted to see the trails i know of.

    So we went there, He gots this lil mini dirt bike he wanted to ride it on. I told him, These woods last year they found a young girl chopped up into peices so its not very safe through there but its straight. Alotta cracked out bums in there.

    But he went to the crib and thesewoods right by the school so we went to the school in time for 1:00. I ended up not throwin $5 at marcs because he aient asked to but i offered but he aient had change for a $20 so he said forget it.

    So i went to my boy from school and got a 5 from him. Al and Dennis ended up skippin n we smoked out, I rolled a blunt n we smoked it. Then from the bag wehad earlier and from this roach we had enough for a joint or so.

    We went to mikes crib to get a pipe and hankey showed up. It was almost 3:00 and dennis and al neded to be at the school then.

    So we went there, Hankey rolled up around 3:10. I seen miranda and i told her we bout to bounce you want to roll we're gon get smoked out.

    She went and talked to her group of peeps and they wanted to match here but we had places to go and people to see. We bounced, She aient wanna leave her people but she knew what was up by the look i gave her lol.

    Now shit gets intersting.

    We go pick up lil gordy, And then three girls pile in at gordys so the burboun is packed.

    We got $10 together and dropped the girls off at the park. Oh yeah thibert was with us too now.

    So we dropped the girls off at the park. We was in the burbs right now at this park. We hit the freeway (75) and headed back ot southwest detroit out to delray right off 75. Straight up ghetto in delray. Meet up with homie and ended up with $20 now. Got two $10's. Each weighing 3 grams so we got 6 grams. Stopped off at the gas station and got two blunts.

    Went to the burbs again, Like 20 minutes from delray if you take the freeway and go about 110 mph.

    So we got to the aprk, Told the girls we gon be abck we bout to go smoke.

    We rolled two 3 gram blunts. Picked up two hotties and smoked down in this parking lot.

    Fast forward left them at the park. Now its mike, Hankey, me, alicia, lil gordy and one of alicias friends in the burboun.

    We go to this dude calhouns house. Two ballin brothers. One got a motne on 13" daytons. Other got a bad ass firebird. Two gangster ballin mother fuckers.

    We went to this park. Mob deep. Like 15 people. No drinking allowed or nuttin and we in the burbs tearin it up.

    Showed the *****s in the burbs how we do ti in the hood.

    We was drining beer, Fishin, PLaying basketball, Playin football. Jus fuckin kickin it. Bumpin the subs n fucking smokin blunts. We did this for hours. Got fucked up. Police came by and jus seen mad amounts of people and we jus played it off like we playin ball and they watched us for awhile and left.

    Ended up at this school in s/w around 8, Kicked it there drinking and smoked 2 blunts.

    Then went home around 9. Did some shit and came in here and pakced a bowl.

    Now its 9:43. Jus finished writing this and smokin a bowl outta a bong.

    One of them crazy days jus non-stop action.

    I threw $7 and got blowed and drunk all day.

  2. Damn dude, I wish I could get 3 grams for 10.
  3. I thought this was going to be about a 24 hour BJ
  4. Now I know why you say sometimes you barely get high. Jesus you average like 3-4 blunts a day, thats chimney shit. But ya another sweet story, Keep keepin it real :cool:
  5. 6 grams for 20??

    that's insane, best deal i've ever gotten was 20 for an 1/8 of some brick.
  6. Of brick? Damn.

    These some straight middies.

    Everybody knows the best deals are out in the hood. People get shit major cheap and make a buck or two profit off it.
  7. damn dude, you are like....a gangster. Your lingo is straight from boyz in da hood.
  8. I forgot a couple things that happened yesterday.

    We was smokin bowls in hankeys burboun. It was hankey, lil gordy, me n lil mike.

    Lil gordy smoked a joint with us then i smoked like 3 bowls. We was smoking and a cop drove past us starin. Everybody knows the burboun and hankey, All the police esp.

    So they seen us, Pulled a uey and we fucking gunned it. Boys got a 350 under the hood so we floored it, Swervin in the burboun. Listenin to 2pac - Ambitions of a Soldja. We hit side streets and jus booked it and lost the cops.

    Then before this even happened, I was at adult ed at lunch time. Im chillin outside with my homie lil mike. So we kicking it. When this ***** Eugene comes outside of school and seen me. Me n Eugene got problems. Last semester he got in my shit and em n my boy ticknor almost beat the fuck outta him but he left the room and left school before it could happen.

    So he seen me and jus mugged me n i was standing right next to his ride, I aient know it was his ride at all. But i dont give a fuck.

    He sees me n mugs me, I jus fuckin mean mug him right back. He gets closer and is like 'what the fuck you staring at.' I was like 'a big gorrilla mother fucker that aient shit but a bitch.'

    Now eugenes like 6'8 or so and a body builder and a bouncer. Hes a intimadting dude and one on one bare fist to bare fist he might beat the fuck outta me if i didnt play my cards right.

    So he goes 'Get the fuck away form my car.' Im like 'This one.' He goes 'yeah.' I go 'Aight *****.' And got closer to his ride and leaned up on it.

    He gets closer to me and put his hand on my shoulder, I jus gave him this look and lil mikey jumped up on him from behind and threw his big ass on the ground. I aient run up on him and stomp him. I waited for him to get up, And watched him get in his car and pull out. I walked away and bought a bag of herb lol.

    This was all yesterday too.
  9. so you are in adult education and now in what Nas would call a "2nd childhood"... why does this not surprise me at all
  10. Damn, that's insane. It's been awhile since I've had a good smoke.
  11. Ye that must have been pretty gully, bookin it from the cops while puffin on some trees. I definately wanna do that one day, when i got a sweet whip so I can dust the po :smoke:
  12. Dude, The cops are nothing to me. I dont give a fuck about a cop.

    A cop aient got shit on me, Its been a long time since i been arrested and only have been because i was doing B & E's the wrong way.
  13. Youre gettin had. I hook everyone up with at least a quarter of reggs for $30. Mids 20 would be an eighth
  14. lmao , nas's 2ndchildhood
  15. I read your other thread too, and holy shit you must get really stoned.
    Good post man, although your other one got me excited when i thought that a fight was gonna happen. +rep

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