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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chronicmonster, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Was studying chem, and a few hours in I get the urge to smoke a joint, you know relax a bit before going back... But it's like minus 34 degrees celcius outside... So not worth it. Call up one of my buddies living at the dorms, ask him if he wants to join me, I'll brave the cold, but not alone.
    First joint... Nothing happens, halfway through the second people start knocking at the door, we had a towel down and the window open, but apparently we reeked up the place.
    So I try to leave right, because the guys floor coordinator tell himself he's getting a write up for it, the little punk was all shaking and wouldn't let me leave, saying it was unfortunate, but he had to call campus police.

    Whatever we go back to our room, the fc comes back and gets our names and starts asking for I'd numbers before the cops get there. I gave him my name... Which was stupid of me; punk had no right to ask for it... Campus police however did.
    Cops tell me the obligated whatever you say to me can be used against you... And do you have any left? So I Unlock my weed box, giant peace sign on the front and hand what I had left over, I had only brought an 8th and we'd smoked most of it, bottom of the bag shit, but funny enough the cops turn on my friend asking him if he understood the seriousness of his actions and how it affected people... He's all shocked and answers yes, I roll my eyes, cop gives me a look and says I'll have to make an appointment to give a statement later and that it was for my own good... I ask if I can give it now on the fact that I had shit to do... Again it's for my own good cause I'm too stoned to understand what's going on, I tell them we got caught smoking weed and I just gave you my weed, now we want to know the consequences, but I let it go... They flushed my weed and wouldn't let me take a picture, then I was escorted out by the two peace officers, they start asking me what I was taking and how I knew the other guy, lab partner from chem, I'm studying bio but I want to do bioinformatics... And then I start with tears because I think, omg expulsion, but as soon as that started it ended cops said they got calls like that all the time, and I wasn't getting expelled, I just needed to give a statement so they could write a report about who was harmed in the situation and they agreed none, I said come on we didn't hurt anyone, just reeked up the place, then they asked if I could make it to transit, so I asked if I could stay on campus... They weren't supposed to, but I reminded them they took my weed so where's the harm? Anyway they're supposed to call me so I can give a statement... Though somehow I doubt they will

    Damn floor coordinators being weed nazies, poor boy was shaking, but I think I just upped my friends reputation, I mean come on hot girl getting escorted out of his room... And we were in the middle of watching half baked....

    Anyway then I get home and the roomate whom I'm all complicated with gets all mad when he sees my frilly underwear and found out I was hanging out with another guy... He's still mad and won't talk to me still lol...

    Anyway... That was the first time I've ever been caught... Not even that interesting a story, but thought I should share
  2. you smoked a joint in the dorms..joints make u reek of weed and make the room ur in reek of weed. i smoked weed in dorms all the time, but it was bowls and never in my room so i always dipped out of the dorm room we smoked in after we were done. dont get me wrong, i didnt like smoke and then not chill with who i smoked with, we smoked in their room and then left right away and chilled in my room. no worry bout smell then n gettin caught. noone to catch if theres noone in the room lol. they would question the people afterwards, but deny and there aint no proof.
  3. Yea shoulda smoked a bowl or bong, and used a sploof but i feel you on the ra bullshit.

    In my dorm the RA's dont care if we smoke as long as were outside the building but all the other RA's in the surrounding buildings will take the time to walk outside their dorms over to ours and write us up for smoking outside the fucking building, and not even around theirs :mad::mad::mad:
  4. Ok whoa stoped at the minus -30something celcius

    isnt that like negative 100 farhenhiet?
  5. Smoke buddy. Know it, use it, love it, enjoy getting not busted with it

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  6. Lol dude why would you smoke that indoors? If you've smoked long enough you're bound to know that both cigerette and marijuana smoke will stink even a flower shop up.
  7. Yeah in retrospect it was a dumb idea to smoke indoors, but frostbite avoidance was the priority, plus I don't live in the dorms, yeah -34C is cold, but that's with wind chill, just the beginning of winter for me downside of living up north. used to have an amaze pipe by red eye that was pretty close to smokeless, but I lost it a while longer visiting the dorms for my smoke breaks lol, guess I'll have to tough it out till I get home and invite people back to my place rather

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