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  1. last night me and three others were walkin' a blunt, things were good. unfortunately things took a turn for the worse.

    so as we hit the corner of the street we mad the mistake of turning around and not going around the corner. as we're heading back we see a car parked at the end of the street behind us with the lights on, some shady shit. now it's me, Z, E, and D. Z thinks it's a cop but we continue because the chance of that are small. so of course they pull up and flash those dreaded lights as i'm being handed the blunt.. i turn around to look at the car and toss the roach in a bush behind me.

    now there has been about 20+ robberies within five blocks of my house within the last two months so of course we're getting stopped, it's even happened to me before. so we line up, and the cop says something on his radio, about three seconds after that two cruisers come from both directions and shine fuckin' spot lights on us. they ask us about are eyes, kept saying "who's got the dope" etc.. we give him ID and the under cover goes to check them.

    time for the pat downs.. in a line it's D, me, Z then E. D has E's bowl and a grinder on him, i have a bag with a nug which was about a gram, Z has a quater of some dank, and E has nothing incriminating. he patted down D and felt the bowl, asked what it was but D coudn't think of a fast enough response se he was asked to pull it out. it reaks so the cop takes it and opens it, then puts it on the hood of his car.

    he explains to us that if we have any on us we could just give it to them and we'd be on our way so I just decide to hand over my nug because I didn't know if D's bowl could let them search me. he finds D's grinder, has no idea what the fuck it is, finally gets it open and finds weed in it so he puts that on the hood as well. he searches me and fuckin' molested me, creeper credit carded me and grabbed my junk, finds nothing else. he gets to Z and he hands over his tin and not the scale.

    the cop opens the tin and sees the quarter and puts in on the hood. he doesn't find the scale thank god. he finds nothing on E.

    the cop said i was basically okay, but since Z had a lot he couldn't write him a ticket and not me so i ended up getting a court date =/ only for a violation thought so i'm only lookin' at a nice fine.

    so in the ended I lost about $15, D lost his grinder, Z lost about $80 of bud, and E lost his piece. Z is on an ACD for marijuana possession and just got a scholarship the morning this happen so he may be fucked. we plan on talking to the judge before the case, besides that any advice?

    the cop was pretty chill, he said he wasn't against what we were doing and was just making sure we weren't up to no good. he said he'd usually have had us just dump the bud but there was two other officers there and their cruiser cameras were pointed at him.

    my violation was "illegal possession of marihuana" they spelled it with the h :rolleyes: in the end i kinda wish i had not given up that bud, they never even searched my pockets but i'm also glad i did cause Z prolly would have been fucked.

    anyways I got a court date on 2/9 at 5:30, any advice on getting my shit wiped clean? my first charge, never even been to court before and no record.

    sorry if this isn't put together well, i'm really baked :smoke:

    good looks, GC
  2. I got caught with a little under a g in tennessee, I got about 1400 in fines, 96 hours of community service, and probation for a year. It really all depends on what your judge is like. Mine was a dickhole. Hopefully yours goes better than mine, maybe your state has lesser penalties and shit. Good luck man.
  3. yeah, i'm in NY, not too strict here and the cop went easy on us. he said it's only a violation and probably a max of a $50 fine.
  4. You should be alright then. Tennessee's rough on us man. Completely fucked me.

  5. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!?!?!?? HOLY MOTHER FUCKING COCKBALLS BATMAN! all for a gram of weed?!?!!
  6. and a pipe, sorry, I forgot about that part. But yeah, all of it for pretty much no weed and a pipe. I liked that pipe too. I miss it. Damn fuzz.
  7. in ny its just a civil citation of 100 dollars if it's your first offense and under 25 grams. However paraphanelia is more serious, with 1000 dollar fine and probably probation.

    New York - NORML

    you're fine, but your friend with the bowl may have some problems.
  8. damn i didnt know paraphanelia was that bad too!

    Im strictly blazing blunts and joints in my car now, i usually keep me one hitter in there 24 7!

    shit lol
  9. I wasn't even smoking either. I mean, I was about to, but I hadn't even packed it yet.:(

  10. pics or it didn't happen.

    haha just kiddin bro, so did your mom find out? She's prolly soooo pissed if she did since you've been "getting into a lot of trouble recently"

    good luck though dude, don't let anyone in our family find out or else they'll be sketch from now on
  11. actually the one with the bowl and the grinder got nothing.. me and Z both got an appearance ticket and if we fail to attend that, then we get a summons/warrant.
  12. nah he said if I show up and get my shit paid nobody has to know, real chill.

  13. Damn, thats good then. Each of you get 100 dollar fine, no biggie.
  14. yeah but my bro with the ACD for possession might lose his almost full ride to Canisius =/ I really hope he can talk the judge out of that one. :poke:
  15. Why would he lose his scholarship?

    I doubt that.
  16. I don't really know anything about it but even the cop said there's a chance it may interfere with it. Idk, we'll see I guess.
  17. no, its true. no aid at all, in the future or otherwise. no loans, etc.
  18. yeah for sure, and nobody wants to pay all that fuckin' money over a possession charge.
  19. Well I had court on the 9th and completely forgot about this thread. I got a six month acd with some drug testing shit which is redicoulous.. My buddy got a 100 dollar fine with a 125 dollar sir-charge..

    I went to the drug thing on Friday and just met with the guy, going this Friday so he can read me the "facts" about marijuana. The Friday after that I take my first test. It's kinda sick cause he said I only gotta take a test when I feel like I'll come out negative.

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