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  1. June 1, my mom was acting really weird...so when my dad got home, she showed me an empty bag of buds she found in my room...ohhh man. I've been grounded ever since (month and a half today) and I'm not getting paid for working 8 hours a day, since my parents take all of it...I can't go out and shit, and they took my money away...

    Which means no money for weed...it's been 3 weeks since my last smoke and i want some SO bad. I was looking at some of the pictures in the other forum and just DROOLING.
  2. sounds like your parents over reacted A TON. move out. its not worth it to stay home. you should be 18 for being on the site and its illegal for them to take your income
  3. Yeah, but I work FOR my dad, and if I wanna live in his house still...I gotta work for him.
  4. That's seriously overreacting.
  5. sounds like someone needs to move out
  6. I'm just out of high school... starting college next year. A month ago, I was taking finals and stuff

  7. Next academic or next calendar year? If it's the former, you can tough it out. If it's the latter, however, I would suggest you think about finding a new job.
  8. all that for an empty bag of buds!? crazy shit!
  9. Jeez, if my parents ever found my stash of various substance they would probably kill me. Luckily I live by myself so it's usually strewn about the house...

    They did over-react though.
  10. kind of overreact, but its not that bad.
    just tell them how sorry you are, and more all the time, suck up, for like 1 month, theyll prolly forget it, but then dont smoke, dont do drugs dont drinik for another 2-3 monhts, and one day just come in looking stoned right? but you CANT be stoned or smoked for a while, if they are like ok thats it wer going to test you or w/e you sway ur not stoned they dont believe you test you, you pass, so they r like ok
    if they dont test you, means next time u can acutally smoke
    have fun
  11. Can i suggest that your mom or dad CAN NOT GROUND YOU? They say you cant go any where? you say "stop me" and walk out the door. You arent grounded just because they say you are. If you work for your dad, and he takes all your money, stop working for him. find work somewhere else. he is being an un fair employer, and he feels he can get away with it, since you are his son. Come on man, dont let them ruin your life like that, FIGHT BACK!
  12. The first thing you need to do is have a
    nice long conversation with your folks.
    That means you listen to their side too.

    If that doesn't work, you're an adult.
    Just walk out the Fucking door, like
    modern-hippy said. I mean, what are
    they gonna do, bend you over their
    knee and spank you?

    If they threaten you with the cops,
    threaten them with the cops for stealing
    your money.
  13. you can try all that but it would probably just lead to them kicking you out (which they can do since you're 18+), so I would start looking for work elsewhere and just save every cent you can to move out. And then if your dad refuses to pay you your wage then you can take him to court to get your money.

  14. He can counter sue for bringing drugs into his house...

  15. then he can counter sue for blackmailing (if he threatins him with the cops)
  16. Too bad Judge Judy isn't a part of this forum...

    She'd throw all but one case out and yell and scream over it before settling it at a portion of the amount sued for...

    "Listen to me, sir... You're not smarter than me on your smartest day, on my dumbest day..."
  17. I can't move out yet... I just have to put and shut up.
  18. Man that sucks bro, I'm sorry to hear that. I live at home too, and I know for a fact my parents know I smoke. They havent bugged me about it, I've even gotten them to admit they smoked in college; as long as I keep pulling good grades and working hard at work, I dont think they care, as long as I dont drive or anythign. But as soon as grade slip or work starts hittin me, I'm canned. good luck tho

    Oh yeah I work for dad too. . .
  19. Yeah, but I'm high right now.

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