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  1. Ahh, pswash! Damn cops.

    I got pulled over for going six mile per hour over the speed limit, when the cop came to the door he asked me if i'd been smoking marijuana, at the point in time I wasn't.. I was infact sober for 5 hours. He asked if I smoked any cig's I told him yup just finished pack. Well he smelled something so decided he'd search my car (it was a dog unit), he found one pipe empty... he then asked me "you can tell me where your marijuana is or i can rip your car about" and I said, "I have no marijuana sir, feel free." So he did and found another pipe this time the pipe had ashes in it, hadn't been cashed from previous uses.

    The charges?

    Possesion of 35 grams or less of marijuana
    and possesion of drug parpheniala.

    Some shit eh? yeah i thought so
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  2. Jeeeeszzz!!! I always looked up to america, I love the popular culture, love american movies and music, but this is some real sick shit, that's the only word I have for it.

    I'm so glad I live in Amsterdam, everytime i hear a story like this, good look soul! don't let it get to you!


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  3. That's bunk man. But you could have said no. If that pig 'smelled something', he must have a nose like his dog. For future reference, if you get pulled over and have NO pot at all... Say no. Those are your rights. I knew this dumb girl who got pulled over for a tail light. The cop asked if he could search. She said yes. Got busted for 2 bowls. I'd fight it man. Chances are you can get a much lesser sentance/fine since it's your first offense.

    Bumming story bro. I hope it turns out well.

  4. Well, the thing is.. the first time he asked if he could search my car I said no. But he said he had probable cause 'cause he smelled something.. hell it was bob marely incence!!1

    He found one pipe and I had no knowledge of the other pipe being in there.. i was totattly clean so i thought.. but a friend left a cashed bowel in my ashtray :X!!! grrr.

    But I do give the cops props, probably the nicest cop I've ever talked to. I even asked him if I would be pulled over and harrassed by the cops all the time now, and he said and i quote "Noone will hear about it"

    he said I might even be able to pay out-of court and not have to go to court.... soo i guess it wasn't all that bad. but a hinderance anyways..
  5. ugh... i hate hearing stories like this. makes me so mad. hope it all turns out ok. i can't believe they can charge you marijuana possession for ash. i mean, its ash.
  6. Cops do not ask if they can search your car or enter your house unless there is NO probable cause, if there was TRUE probable cause he would of asked you to step out of the vehicle, put you in cuffs in the back of his wagon and searched your car, without your ok, that is what probale cause means in effect.
    Thats to bad man, I wish all the pot smokers in this nation would go to there state capital, spark one up and sit on the capital steps and blow smoke at the front entrance.
    There would be sooo many people there the goverment would have no choice but to end prohibition on cannabis, just like alcohol.
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    Damn dude some cops love to break balls.
  8. I feel you man. I can't recall a single time cops have ever been of any use to me, or to people around me. Their highest priority seems to be to protect the privileged. They'll happily let homeless people beat each other to death, or women on low incomes get raped and beaten by their husbands.

    I'm so happy to be growing weed again.. 4 plants this time, grown from seed.. which sprouted yesterday. Cops can go lick my fucking pussy. At least if I go to prison, I won't have to worry about bills anymore.. and I can sit and read books all day.

  9. Holy shit this thread is 15 years old
  10. People who were children when this was posted, are actually posting here now as adults.

  11. Damn that's foul I don't think that would happen in 2016 in Canada
  12. Legal search and seizure, you pretty much have no rights when it comes to a vehicle. All they gotta do is say they smell marijuana and they have a right to search.
    A house is different, smell alone is not probable cause.
    The only way you could really beat a case like this is if the officer didn't have probable cause to pull you over, that in turn would follow with a motion to suppress information due to no probable cause for pulling the person over which makes any evidence found invalid. But the chances of this happening is very slim since officers are trained to avoid these types of mistakes.
    So pretty much the moral of this post is don't ride with drugs in your car, don't smoke in your car, don't break any road law whatsoever if you do have drugs in the car.
  13. You just blew my mind. Okay, maybe it was the weed, but still lol
  14. This thread was created 15 years ago lmfao!!! Why would you revive it
  15. I was 4 when this was created lmao

  16. I was 17.
  17. I am sorry, but even in 2001... A fuckin Bob Marley incense, like really? -_-

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