Discussion in 'General' started by Mr_Criminal, Sep 27, 2003.

  1. my friend got busted. well he's not my friend for real. but his dumb ass self was growing three white widow plants in his basement. it was probably like a month or so away from harvest. well his dumb ass self tells just about anyone and everyone about his plants. so earlier today, the fbi came to his front door. he went to jail.
    how long do you guys think he will be in jail for, from 3 plants? i'm in missouri, by the way.
    he will probably think my cousin ratted on him cause they've been fighting but he didn't. i dunno how he got busted. it's either that he told so many people (anyone of like 10-15 people that knew could have told), coulda been from his electric bill right? or someone walking by actually smelled the plants and reported it..
    so how long do you think he'll be in for?
    man it makes me wish i woulda stolen his plants heheh since they got confiscated anyway. no one around here has ever smoked anything near the quality of white widow.
  2. I bet those FBI agents were happy they got the plants... I couldn't imagine the FBI just "showing up at your door" over mere suspicion....
  3. you sure it was"fbi".... that would seem a little extreme for only 3 plants....

    don't they have more important things to do?
  4. my cousin's girlfriend is friends with the girlfriend of the guy who got busted. and that's the only reason we found out about him getting busted. but um that's what the dude's girlfriend was saying, fbi.. the guy's girlfriend is kinda dumb though.. so... who knows. how long do you guys think he'll be in for?
  5. dannng. yup. that is some time. ah well.. i dunno man i THINK the only way he coulda got busted is someone ratting on him. in which case, he kinda deserves it for putting himself in the position to be ratted on. but then again there shouldn't be punishment for most anything involving weed at all..
  6. http://www.norml.com/index.cfm?wtm_view=&Group_ID=4547
    those are the marijuana laws for missourri. It seems as tho MO is more strict than 90% of all the other states. Bottom line your friends looking at jail time. :(
  7. Hahaha, he's probably out of jail by now.
  8. No. Hey Mr Criminal what part of Missouri you in? That really sucks about your friend he'll be gone for a long time.
  9. im an idiot sorry for bumping this thread so far back. I was on the search. newb mistake.

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