Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by pooldude, Mar 17, 2003.

  1. just heard on the radio...PRESIDENT OF MAJOR UNIVERSITY BUSTED FOR GROWING 100 PLANTS....he had pounds packaged for sale and was burning a spliff when the cops raided his place...this guy must be really greedy,he's probobly pulling in $250000 a year from being a college pres. as it is....they said him and his wife and son are looking at 10 years each on the bust....i hate to hear about anyone getting busted but damn dude!!!
  2. damn poor guy. 10 yrs for growing anything is pure bs..
  3. Just one of the many examples of evil and ignorance in our world.
  4. Maybe ( not much doubt about it ) I am a weird bastard, but the growing experience is just as pleasurable as the smoking and selling angle for me. I feel really sorry for the guy and it is shamefull that this crap happens every fucking day.
  5. Right in the damn middle of a fatty....thats like a total high that is shitty....death to the law.
  6. we should jus make our own island and the island is full of smokers n growers and everywhere u look is people smokin and fields of weeed

  7. WHat time is the boat leavin?
  8. That Island exists, Its called Jamaca! If not maybe we could buy Guam off the U.S., Its the perfect temperature for big buds!
  9. ok I got about 3000$ anoone wanna help...hehehe
  10. I've got a couple grand I can throw down... Just don't forget me when you leave. Oh eyah when are we leaving just to know a little in advance... 2-3 days in advance is fine... I'm a fast packer... Not just when it comes to leaving somewhere...

    It's not entirly legal to grow and sell MaRiJuaNa in Jamaica... Rastafarians on the other hand well... I guess it's just not really enforced...
  11. Forget Guam, the U.S. will just invade it." Send in the Marines".
  12. I think we should just save up a few billion seeds and start scattering them around the country from an airplane. Just think about it... there is no way the government could control the growth of mj then! Since it would be growing everywhere, it would be free, and the laws couldn't punish people for having it growing in their backyard if the cops have it growing in theirs too! If all the stoners in the U.S. would just donate like 10 seeds we could make this work.

  13. Yeah good point, the U.S. government is a bitch.

  14. Yeah, that might work! or we could sneak into the white house and plant a few in thebushes and then if were caught with weed we can say we were following the presidents example.:)

  15. i do that anyway, if i have a crop that gets seed in it or goes hermie on me i save them and use the surplus, get a load of potting compost, mix them in with it and water, roll it into balls and let them dry out. then when i go on a train i chuck them out the window. when it rains they have a nice little start in life.

    its funny when u go past again a few mth later and ther still ther and have growen to about 4foot tall. some that got to 5foot by the side of the moterway made it into the newspaper. i was so proud of them.

    i chuck em around in the park aswell and waste ground. the gardens of empty houses etc, anywher that hasnt got to many ppl walkin about or wher they stand a chance of blending in.
  16. That sounds like fun Barnaby. Did you think that up yourself, or did the "voices" tell you to do it ?. Thats what I like about the city-there's always somebody here who is weirder than me.
  17. Man, that's awesome! As soon as I get out of school I gotta start a greenhouse and start spreading the joy along interstates and highways where they will get plenty of CO2 and sunlight. Just think about how common plants would be if everyone did that...
  18. i wounder if he would hotbox the gym at lunch time to get the kids to eat more.... hmmm...

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