Busted with 100 Rolls (blue stars)

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  1. .. pshhh where to begin..

    Alright so this all happened on friday. I've been setting up a deal with my cousin all week, and she said the only day this could all go down is friday. So all week, since my license is taken away until April 15th, I had to find someone willing to drive that didn't have school. So I ended up finally finding a ride, and I live in NJ and had to go to queens.

    So the day started off nicely, gorgeous day, little windy but nothing bad. It was my friend M, MB, and B. B was driving, she was a good driver so I had no concerns for getting pulled over. We started off by going to the local breakfast type place, we all ate there and talked and had a nice breakfast. So from there we drove up to Queens, it was around 130 we left. I told everyone to not have ANYTHING in the car, incase we got pulled over, so there is no reason to search us ( No smell, nothing in sight, etc). BUT I brought one g of this mango kush with me to give my cousin for helping me out.

    So we make it up there fine, and we ended up having to wait over 2 hours for this dude to finally be ready for us to come get the rolls. My cousin was pissed she had work at 530 and it was 20 mins away and we didnt end up getting them until 5:40, so she was late, we were all a little pissed having to wait that long, so it kinda sucked, but it was good cause we got the rolls, everything went smoothly. She dropped us off at out car and we left.

    On our way back, i realised that I hadn't given my cousin the G of the mango kush.. so us being pissed off as it is, we decided to stop at a store and buy a dutch. I rolled a nice blunt and it smoked sooo fine. At this point we werent quite thinking straight, we were stuck in rushhour traffic coming home to NJ on a friday around 6.. major traffic, so we smoked it in the traffic and we all got happy again.

    So after waiting in traffic for 20 mins to go through a toll to go over this bridge, we finally get to the tool booth which is run by the police apparently. The driver, B, was on her phone talking to her mom about something, and we go into the toll and then this is where it all started. She was on the phone talking and tried to hand the money to the toll booth dude, he just stared at her and she hung up. The guy said "It's illegal to drive in NJ, which we were in now, while on the phone. So then we all got paranoid n nervous because we just smoked a blunt and didnt know what was going to happen. He was in a shitty mood apparently, and told us to pull up and pull to the side of the road so he can get our info and write B a ticket. At this point we were freaking out cause I have 100 rolls in my pocket, we just finished a blunt, and the car smelled of bud.

    After about 5 minutes of waiting and trying to de-smell the car, a cop walks over to get our info, he gets it, and asks " Whats that smell?" B replied with, "what smell", as this was happening, he looked around the car and what do you know, he sees the roach of the blunt sitting in the ash tray. At this point he tells us all to step out of the car. FUCK. We all got out, then he asked if there was anything in the car, and B said "No there isn't, you can search it if you want to"..... LITTLE DID SHE KNOW I put the rolls in that little pocket behind the drivers seats, and as he is going through the car looking, he reaches in and low and behold.. 100 blue stars right there. I might have litteraly shit my pants at this point. I can;t remember, i pretty much blacked out. He asked "Whose are these." Nobody answered, then he called in backup for some reason, i dont know why. He then started to interrogate us, and finally, not wanting any of my friends to have to go to jail or anything for something that was mine, I fesesd up. I told them it was my blunt roach too and I was immediatly read my writes, put in hand cuffs and driven to the police station. Since I had No car, no license, they had to have my parents come pick me up and pay the bail, to get me out. I was charged with possesion of marijuana, possesion of ecstasy, and pretty much thought to myself ' my life is over'.

    My parents came, paid the bail, and I left with them... no words were said until halfway through the ride home. I started to say " Mom.." then she cut me off and said "Your moving with your aunt and uncle in bel air".
  2. hur de hur hur
  3. scrolled down to see how long the story was, saw Bel-Air at the bottom, facepalmed
  4. Lol'd when i saw the bel air but in reality like the same shit happened to my buddy cept they searched his house, he was all drunk tryn to fight some dude outside his apartment and him bein a dumb drunk ass left his door open with a 6 foot bong sitten on the table. When the cops showed up and saw the bong they started searchin his shit, after about a half hour they dug up like 90 some rolls and 8 different 20 bags of hard, needless to say he got fucked.
  5. Bummer dude bel air fuckin sucks.
  6. tell me about it :/
  7. +rep just because that shit was so good

    "imma go listen to my will smith cd"

  8. Oh shit dude I went take a piss and roll a joint and my roomate came in, read the thread and neg repped you OP. I didn't think this post was worth a neg rep and when I can I'll +rep you to balance that one out. Again I'm sorry.
  9. ......really?
  10. Blue stars are all around conneticut. OP do u happen do live here in CT?
  11. I hate you.......read all that for nothing.
  12. haha read the whole fuckin thing
  13. i read until the point in your story where you put the rolls in the pocket on the back of the seat.

    then i thought to myself, "wow, what a douchebag".

  14. i made it to where he said he was charged with "possession of ecstasy".

    OP, for next time, if you get caught with 100 rolls its gonna be more than poss. of ecstasy its going to be intent to distribute period.. lol
  15. yeah, this.
  16. bummer dude gl with the court prossecess .

  17. processes*

    Someone didn't read the post....
  18. lmaoo
  19. fucker........now my girlfriend not talking to me because i was to busy reading it..............fuck!!!! i hate being stoned and reading lol:smoking:

    lol good story and prank.

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