Busted, sort of?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by PhazeTwo, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. I've often read through a few "busted" threads on here, sometimes laughing, sometimes thinking "i'm glad I haven't had to go through that".

    I'm 19 and live with my Dad. I've been smoking weed pretty much everyday for the last few months. As far as I know he doesn't know this, although he occasionally makes jokes about why i'm getting food late at night etc.

    He does know a lot of my friends are into pills, weed etc but dosen't really say anything. I think he isn't bothered as long as they don't bring them into his house.

    Anyway, he was away this weekend and I got through a quart. I put all the finished joints into an empty beer can but forgot to get rid of it.

    I got home from work today and he asked me who'd been smoking. He said it must be weed because "rollups don't have cardboard roaches". (Just shows how clued up he is lol).

    Anyway, he didn't really say anything and is still talking to me (although being quite short) so I dunno what to make of the whole thing?

    1 part of me thinks he can't be that bothered as he could have quite easily looked around and found my rizla's, grinder, and a bit of bud I had left. I don't think he's more concerned about the illegal side surrounding it, rather than "OMGZ UR DOING DRUGS" sort of thing.....

    Anyone been in a similar position?

  2. No I haven't been in such a situation.

    Do you think your dad ever smoked himself? Honestly you didn't make it seem like he was pissed so it might not be so bad. Just be a little cautious in the future so you can avoid akward situations such as this.
  3. ahaha im kind of in the position you're in. i'm 16 and have been smoking for like 3-4 months pretty much everyday. my mom and dad recently cought me but my only punishment was getting my car taken away for a week. luckily my parents had the experience of going to Amsterdam, so they kind of understand its not all that bad. all my mom said to me was "don't smoke weed in the house please."
  4. Hmm not sure, i'm pretty sure he's never smoked cigs but not sure about weed.

    He didn't seem annoyed about the weed, more about the fact people were smoking in the attic.
  5. Well since your 19 and a man (hopefully in his eyes), just be honest and talk to him straight up.

    Show him it doesn't affect your life in a negative way, blah blah.

    Best of luck~
  6. Yeah man see, just play it cool. Maybe one day you will end up toking together haha, that still hasn't happened between me and my dad but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    And yeah man, just wait until he's asleep and go outside and blaze. Outside is the most respectful place.
  7. dude i hate to be the guys who does this but 16 are you serious man.
  8. yea thats how parents are. they feel their kids really arent all that wise (anyone younger than them) so they think you're gonna go out there and get caught. they dont wanna see their kid taking any illegal chances cuz lets face it, they're the ones who get in trouble the most. parents are real uneasy about that shit
  9. You just told on yourself haha, gotta be 18 to be here buddy. :wave:

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