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  1. This happens a few years ago but thought I would share...

    I was on tour with my band and we had just driven 4 hours down to Oxford and were looking for a place to camp cause we were broke, we managed to find a nice countryside spot near a river, not a house for miles.

    When we got there we saw some guys rowing and some guys fishing (at 2am?) we deemed this a reassuring factor that we were safe. So I pulled my weed and grinder, rolled up and stashed it in my door panel. I got out and sparked my well deserved J.

    As I was smoking I spotted some headlights coming slowly down the dirt road, everyone was joking that it was cops, turns out it was.

    I threw my nearly full j on the floor under the car and they got out, asked us what we were doing. We explained and they were pretty cool, asking us about our music and said we could camp here, despite it being a private field.

    They were about to leave when he walked towards the part of the car where my joint was, and smelled it.

    I fessed up as all he had to do was open the door and find it.

    Wort thing was he took my £40 grinder I had for like 2 weeks! After he cautioned me, they hung out and smoked cigars with us, basically sayin I should have stashed my shit better

    When they left, I picked the J up and carried on. Luckily mate had some pre rolls so wasn't a total disaster.

    All in all the cops were sound, just doing their job and they could have done a lot worse!

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  2. I've only ever had good encounters with cops. They are pretty chill about weed in Canada and usually tell you to smoke at home.

    Omega369 :wave:
  3. Was this in the US?

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  4. In England bro

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  5. Please if this was the USA there would of been like five cop cars rolling out to them... Sadly

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  6. We're gonna need back up!

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