Busted, Parents involved now...

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  1. I will make this short in sweet.

    I was driving to Indi and cop pulled over in my moms car, apparently on the daytime running lights were on. Friend and I had split a quarter and rolled some J's, we left 2 in plain site (dumb ass move) and the stateie saw them when i was pulled over.

    I told the cop is wasn't my crap, it was my friends, DID NOT snitch, made up some name and the cop didnt ask about it again. I was fully compliant and told him where it all is. blah blah blah. got written up for possesion and the paraphialia.

    The public defender at arraenment told me that if i take it to court, it can be taken down to disorderly conduct (he knew I was in school and needed loans and shit), I am lawyering up and what not to be safe.

    Does anyone have any advice or anything to help me ouw, I would greatly appriciate it.

    Sidenote, I feel like a total tool b.c my parents found out yesterday, they totally trust me and where only mad i didnt get them involved sooner. They still do not think i smoke and I was a little bummed after the big converstation so they let me leave and i did what... smoked with my friends to calm down.
  2. Shouldn't have left them in plain sight.
  3. i know right who the fuck is that dumb
  4. shitty man that sucks. my parents busted me the week before i left for college. i believe they found the icebreakers tin i had all my stems i forgot on my desk. good luck to ya with court man

    :smoking:^^dude shit happens whether or not your smart about it.
  5. For real, rule number one is to stash your stash.
  6. Thats why its called a stash

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