Busted on first grow

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by daguy, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. They probably took one for themselves anyway.
  2. Then Deny everything.
  3. Shit they took all 3 of them spent 2 hours in the hot attic trying to get them out of the chicken wire I had to hold them up like they didnt wont to hurt my girls:rolleyes:
  4. That blows man. I'm still curious as to how they knew though as I don't think they would know just from the mail.

  5. I wouldn't be suprized. Some cops are just cops because they want all the free weed that they confiscate.
  6. i smoked everyday on probation and was able to to pass 12drug test with some one elses piss and the guy watched me while i did test
  7. Imagine how boring movies would be if they all served cops nice refreshing glasses of ice water and helped them load up the plants, instead of going out in a blaze of glory. :D
  9. i laughed as soon is a read the thread title. funny story.:laughing:
  10. I would want to know how and why I got busted and shouldn't they tell you how they found out about your little grow op? There is something weird about this or something that the OP is not telling us, I would be going crazy out of mind wanting to know how I fucked up and got meself busted, wouldn't all of you all want to know?
  11. You got pretty lucky but it's sad to think of how this could have ended. If you ended up going to jail for growing some plants, your wife and kid would have been screwed. Way to go war on drugs, you're doing a lot of good.
  12. is it me or are some of the letters in the posts purple pinkish?
  13. Here's a question cops don't answer: "Can you tell me how you caught me, so I'll know how to get away with it next time?"


    Even if they told you, they'd only be telling you what they want you to know... which wouldn't be anything useful, unless you were doing something really stupid & obvious and not realizing it.

    It really shouldn't be too hard to figure it out anyway. If your house isn't glowing from light leaks and you've got the odor under control...the problem can probably be traced back to loose lips most of the time.
  14. or high energy usage
  15. yeah I don't wanna blame no one but when I was younger and in school i didn't have the best of mouth and I did let things slip. Maybe your son thought it was harmless to tell his best friend and his best friend thought it was harmless to tell another and it slowly spreads around until some kid tells their parents then your fucked. Anyway I think you need to find better connections its not like Alabama has shit weed you just havn't found the best. Good luck and maybe you should grow again but not tell anyone???
  16. dude this story just makes me wanna smoke you up on some fucking dank ass bud. i feel so bad for you.

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