Busted on first grow

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  1. Yea I read all the threads on how to grow . After 36 years of smokeing swag only some times the treat of a kind bud. Down in Alabama we dont get much of the good weed we see in high times. So iI decide to try to grow my own. I am a gardner for a living so I should we able to grow me some good weed of my own. So I studied the web an made me a plan. Had to be very discreet. So I will build me a little room in the attic(5x6) Order me one of thoes lights(600 hps) get my buddie to come spray it with that foam to insulate it real good. Put me a little AC unit in it fans the whole works spent about 1800 bucks. By the way the cops said it was the best setup they had ever seen. Well I ordered my seeds from 3 or 4 differenr vendors in amsterdam. All was going good the first three ladys were startin to bud wow what a pretty sight The co2 really did give them a boost. I was on my way to good bud for life. Then the call came this is the sheriff an we need you to come home right away. O shit what the hell Maybe my crazy ole mother has done something if i see one cop in the drive way it proabley no big deal if there is 2or 3 three well I dont know. But the sheriff said he had my wife an son there. So to home i go . I get to my street an there is 9 un marked cars lined up the street. Oshit I say I pull up to my house There is like 14 Narcs in my driveway. My garage door is open the stair way to the attic is down. I get out of my truck walk up to them an they ask me do I know why they are there. Yea i guess you found my little grow room . So after hours of them going through the rest of my house finding little things like my pipe. My wife made them ice water an we all talked well we were nice to them an they were nice to us they were just doing their job any ways. they told me that they werent going to charge me with with more than misamenor That they would call me in a couple days an I could come turn my self in. So on my day I went to the county lock up for 3 hours and sat with a dude that was in for murder. long story short I got 1 year prob had to go to AA an a drug treatment program.By the way my lawyer that I paid 2500 dollars up front showed up after court was over SOB. any way guess you wonder how did I get busted Well when I ordered my seeds I ordered seeds from Amsterdam seed co. One pack of big bud seeds came and were all smashed flat so I sent them a email told them what happen /w pics of the smashed seeds. Like I would smash them seeds my self they ???. So after another email or so they said send them some more money for shipping they would send me more seeds They said send the money reg. mail. Ok so I did Didnt know they would send back the seeds Reg mail also. The guys looked at me funny when I had to go to the post office to pick up my package post marked Amsterdam They must have alearted some one of this.Guess I will never get to smoke the good stuff:(
  2. wait, wtf?
    The seedbank sent you the seeds back through reg. mail?

    Just tell me the name of it, I have to make sure I'll never order anything from them..
  3. dude that blows.
  4. Under no circumstances should you smoke marijuana whilst on probation. You WILL regret it.

    Don't risk it, ever.
  5. You didn't ask th police how they found out? I don't think a package from
    Amsterdam gives police the right to search your home. And you said your plants were flowering? So your saying they waited all that time to bust you? I think someone tipped them off about your grow, not the post office. But next time order from attitude. They do discreet/stealth shipping.
  6. damn that sucks man, makes me paranoid to start up.
    but yea as the he said above, it sounds more like somone tipped the narcs.
  7. Im not on probaction now waited till it was all over to post
  8. I hate to say it but, you said you have a son. If he's in school its possible a some DARE asshole convinced him to rat his own family:mad:
  9. I know this isn't a laughing matter, but I wish you would have made your thread title, "Busted on the first Grow Around"
  10. Then fuck, by all means, go for it :smoke:

    I recommend just using a more reliable seenback, and letting the word spread less outside of your house.
  11. That's sucks man, but you're lucky the cops gave you a break and didn't screw your nuts to the wall like they could have.
  12. you served them ice water?

    i would of spit in it
  13. Haha, yeah. I lol'd at that part of your story.
  14. Yeah I could have actted like a ass an they could have put me in prison the moral is be cool an try too smooth it over. So if you get busted your busted. no sense in makeing it worse by pissing them off
  15. I doubt they found out because of the mail thing. Someone ratted you out.

    Now you're in a world of pain because you're going to be on probation! :mad:
  16. QFT:hello:
  18. That's good. So your career/family isn't being affected by your charge? If not then this is definitely the happiest ending you could have in a situation like this.
  19. I would have tried to bribe the cops by giving them one of your plants. It probably wouldn't have worked out, but you never know :smoking:
  20. ^except getting an additional/more serious bribe charge.

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