busted on a saturday night (loong)

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  1. Hey guys, this is like my 100th time recounting what happened yesterday, but i gotta say, yesterday was horrific. i was coming back from wal-mart and suddenly on my rearview i see a car that's tailing car really close and i thought i should watch it with the speed limit. But eventually i see the flashing lights and i pull over some seconds later. i ask the officer what the problem is, and he claimed that he saw me throw a lit object out of my car, a cigaratte butt or something, to which i explained clearly that i had not. all my cigarette butts were in the cigarette box, where u ash it. Anyway, he proceeds to tell me that my foglights were on and that they were illegal to have or have on, to which i told them i would turn it off. He took my license and registration and they took forever with it, and eventually came back to give it back. as i thought i was being let go, a second officer comes up and tells me extra friendly to shut my engine off.. at first i was skeptical, but then he pointed his flashlight on the cupholder and asked me what this object was. It was my one-hitter pipe which i had left out, then they told me to step out, which i did, they told me to keep my hands where they could see em, so i put em on the top of their car's hood, to which a third cop told me i didn't have to do that. while the third cop talked to me, the 2 others searched my car and found my stash, close to a Q, in an altoids box. they told me i had two options, one was to go to jail and spend the night and get my car impounded, or two, to let them keep the pipe and the stash so they can send it to the lab to get it tested whether it is positive (that it is real weed, to which the cop said he was positive it was). So of course, i chose the 2nd option, they took my info, name, address, and phone, and said they would contact me. Although they took my info, they didn't make me sign anything, it didn't seem they were filing paper work. then as i left, they told me not to smoke weed ever again. Being the dumbass and smartass that i am, i told them that weed was less dangerous than cigarettes. they looked at me and seemed like they were about to laugh mockingly and told me that compared to cigarettes, it would be better not to end up in jail, since weed is illegal. This was around 11 or so, or something, i can't really remember, i do remember i couldn't sleep for the rest of the night, i'd go to sleep and wake up to a nightmare or a recurrence of what had happened that night, every 20 mins or so. What do u guys think, am i in trouble or not? my friend suggested that they were probably trying to scare me, which they did a good job of.
  2. sounds like you got your bud jacked from some crooked cops haha
  3. if that's the case, i'd rather that than being in trouble with the law, sad i know, but they have the power
  4. totally what it sounds like to me...
  5. Yeah, sounds like the cops just jacked your shit. I'd rather that than get busted, cuase if you get busted they still jack your shit.
  6. Indeed ^_^

    I wouldn't lose sleep over it if i were you, bro.

    keep it lit!
  7. you really should have hid the one hitter though man.
  8. exactly.
  9. Ah. That sucks man.
  10. Sounds like the lab they're sending it to is the one located in the living room of Officer Number 3's house, while Super Troopers is playing. But that's the best lab to have it sent to in my opinion :p

    Good luck with the sleep bro. I know if i were in your situation I'd be awake for the next week getting all sick.
  11. Yea, i hear ya, i should've checked around my car before the officer came over, that was such a huge mistake, if it wasn't for that, things would've turned out alright. Also, the third officer whom i was talking to was saying things like, "u know a broken foglight is illegal", i told him none of my lights were broken and he kept insisting and asking me if one of the front lights were broken, i told him if one of them were, i would notice. he then kept on telling me how it was illegal to hang a tree scent on the rearview mirror, and started pointing out how my muffler was "altered" and that it made a lot of noise and that it was illegal. I explained that my car is stock and that none of the parts were altered. somehow, i was still relaxed when i talked to them, tried to answer with the best and most concise answers, it was just terrible man
  12. yea, i couldn't help it, i'm still thinkin of a day they'll be contacting me, which i really really hope is not the case. after such an incident like this, i think it's time for me to move on and away from smoking. giving up on such a great culture is like giving up a piece of myself, but i guess we all have to move on, i dunno
  13. man, you knew it was illegal before you started... its not like its a big surprise. Don't let the pigs change who you are.
  14. What about the statute of limitations? What is it in Virginia? I know here, even in Georgia, when they let you go, they let you GO, and I can guarantee you that GA is stricter about bud than up north.
  15. i dunno about limitations to be honest, but i would definitely like to know what everyone thinks about the way the cops handled my case. Like, they took all my info down, except my SSN, which i wouldn't give, told em i'd have to go thru the DMV for that. He looked annoyed. what are the cases of people being let go? do they go without a citation and without formal papers being filed? i would suppose that if they wanted to prosecute someone, they would've done so right there and then and taken me to jail. i guess i need to know for a peace of mind, if anyone knows at all.
  16. I know what you mean about the peace of mind, unfortunately we are all speculating, and the only three individuals who would be able to give you a 100% correct answer, are hopefully blitzed out of their minds, or waking up from being blitzed out of their minds. So I'll give you some cliche advice that is easier said than done, don't sweat it until the time comes.
  17. sketchy cops dude. Foglights illegal??? WTF?
  18. Ya, sounds to me like they just jacked your shit. If they were going to prosecute, they would have taken you in or given you a ticket for possession or something like that. Can't be sure, but it sounds like you got away without punishment.

    And how'd you have a quad in an altoids container?
  19. ... use your common sense when transferring pipes and budz (with where you hide it). Better yet, try keeping your overall traveling with pieces and your stash to a minimum (only when you have to).

    Again, chose something a little better than an altoid box. I`m not going to give out my specific spot for where I store my stuff, but IT'S YOUR CAR... use it to YOUR atvantage. :wave:

    Well, I bet those cops enjoyed smoking your whole stash in one sitting that night :(
  20. If the cops were really going to charge you with anything they would have made you sign a few papers and given you atleast some sort of documentation for personal record keeping. Seeing how they didnt, they just took your stash and info, i wouldnt sweat it. It seems like the cops just took you budski, wrongfully so.

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