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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by infox, May 24, 2003.

  1. Well, I got a citation this night for posession of marijuana (washington state RCW 69.50.401e) which states "Minimum of one day jail time and a fine not less than $250."

    Heres the story:

    We were sitting in a parking lot with the car off and the top down which was a parking lot for this park (which was stupid of us) and we just had got done smoking a bowl out of the pipe and a popo rolls up and shines his light on us, then he pulls into the parking lot and walks to the car. He asks us what we were doing, and we were like nothing, just sitting here. Then he says, yes well I smell marijuana, and tells us to all step out of the car ( there were 4 of us ) and we came clean and told him we did just get done smoking weed and he said ok. He sort of searched through the car, but nothing through, (he didnt find the weed my friend stashed under the seat), then he patted us all down but didnt search through our pockets but he felt the baggie in my pocket and pulled it out (there was hardly any weed, like a half bowl) and they took our pipe. He never asked us for permission to search the car or us (I assumed he had probable cause because he smelled weed in the car) so I didnt think anything of it. And he didnt read us our rights until after he spoke with us for about a minute of what we had etc, after we had already confessed and they patted us all down they then took our ids to see if we had any priors or were on probation etc, we all came back clean. That is when they read us our rights and gave me and my other friend who had the pipe a citation that I stated above, on my citation it says "posession of marijuana 40 gram or less. Prall unlawfully possessed a small quanity of marijuana", so I have a court date on the 29th of this month.

    I wanted to get your opinions of how I should go about this, I am just begging to god I do not have to do any jail time, since it says in the RCW a min of 1 day if you're convicted. So I am not sure if I should just plead guilty and try to convince the judge that I am a good person and just to let me get off with community service etc and considering I only had a very small amount of marijuana on me.. I am a B+/A+ student in school, taking college classes while i'm still in highschool. Thanks for all your help
  2. well I am not sure wut they will dicide to do with you..... but it cant be too severe..... i would assume a fine or probation.... i dont know..... but i think the cop had probable cause because you admitted to smoking marijuana to him....... Good Luck!
  3. i hope so because the law says you have to spend a minimum of 1 day in jail. I'm just glad i'm 18 and my parents dont have to know about this. Also, before they question you at all arent they required by law to read you your rights?
  4. yes i think they have to read you your rights, but im not a law expert so dont take my word for it... but im assuming yes they would have to......
  5. When it happens in Brazil, in the first time and with less 30g we have to do communitary services, all people 0-18yo and 18-more too.... but in the second time we have to go to jail, less than 4months..... But with more than 30g the laws are harder....

    I can't help you man, sorry...I just said it as curiosity...

    I hope you have lucky and in the future we'll smoke it at everywhere we want!!!!!

    Legalize it...!!!

    fucka police....

  6. Htey smelled the pot so they had probable cause to search you and your property. you told them the truth so they didn't have to read you your rights till the citation was given.

    They may have been going to let it drop until they found evidence of possesion. Then is when they had enough evidence to write a citation!

    Good luck with your judge..
  7. That is so stupid,what a waste of police time,it was only enough for about half a bowl as u say of the flower put here to be used,what right do the government have to put you to jail for one day.LOL,that is so fucking dumb.
  8. well this is what ended up happening, I have to pay $300 in fines including a probation fee, attend a DUI victims panel which costs $35, attend a 9hr drug and alcohol class, and do 10 hrs of community service. and if I dont get any type of ticket, criminal or any type of traffic ticket in the next 12 months the conviction goes off my record. I was stupid and didnt get me a public defendant, now that I think of it I should have.
  9. Thats very harsh for just a bit of weed,are u going 2 stop smoking or has this taught u a lesson to be more careful whilst smoking weed.Why would u need to go to drug and alcohol classes?
  10. Down here I got caught for possession.....It was no big thing....The officer found nothing but saw I was high off my ass....He said "I'll follow you home....If you mess up when you're driving i'll write you up, but since I know your father i'll give you good graces".But look....Dont try and suck up to the judge at all...If they say anything nasty to you, dont laught, dont be a dickhead...Take it seriously and yes mam/sir them and act polite.
  11. man i got busted too.but so far nothing has happend besides that i got kicked out of school.
  12. yes. it helps to be polite and to dress nice and such. my brother got busted a little while ago with less than a bowl. he was polite and dressed nice and the cop just let him off. didn't do anything. all he had to pay was court costs. which was like, 50 bucks.

    oh, and he did get a lawyer too so im sure that helped.
  13. That sucks, I got caught for Possetion of drug paraphanalia(pipe) and possetion of alcohol by a minor, plus cerfew since I was 15 when it happened but the court sent me a letter saying they werent going to charge me with anything. No fine, no court apperence, nothing.

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