Busted last night.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Dan, Sep 6, 2003.

  1. Well, it finally happend...Last night I went to my old town to visit some old friends. I had picked up a whole ounce on the way in, and was really looking forward to seeing and smoking with my friends. The spot we had picked was an abadon house in one of the friends neighborhood. We were all a little parinoid about it, but lots of people have been in there before. It was unlocked so we figured everything would be alright. Just as we were entering the house tho, some dick drove by in his car and asked what we were doing in a huge asshole tone. He could have just politley said that we shouldnt be in the house. Fucker. Anyway, we waited outside for about 20 minutes just to make sure the cops werent comming, and after that we decided it was safe enough. Well we went down to the bastment of the house and picked a room to smoke in. We were probly smoking 15 minutes before somebody thought they heard somthing upstairs. I ran out of the room to check it out and heard somone walking around upstairs. I ran back grabbed all the weed and pipes told everyone to get up and get the hell out. We were all running for the back door but the cops were already downstairs by the time we left the room. The cops had us sit against the wall and started to search us, I knew we were already fucked so I handed over the weed. Luckily I hadnt brought the whole ounce, maybe half an eighth. We all ended up getting charged with tresspassing, and I got chared with possession. I go to court in a few weeks. I also never got to see the girl i was so looking forward to seeing. And one of the pipes was her birthday present. Oh well...I guess we learned a lesson. I just dont understand why the guy that called the cops in the first place had to be such a dick about it. People ought to mind there own business for a change...
  2. bummer man. see this is why for the most part i don't like people
  3. mind my saying so, but you did trespass... that's where youwere looking for trouble I would say
    (but hey here in France the laws are not the same, so maybe I'm saying stupid things)
    anyway I whish things don't get too bad.
  4. People do the dumbest things. I dunno maybe it's just me, but I've never had an urge to trespass into an abandonned house for any reason, especially to have a place to chill at.
  5. Looking back on it i really wish we had thought it all over. I guess we will be paying the concequences tho.
  6. what, with a nick like yours ? ..
    I have, and I agree it is a thrill.
  7. What? You learned your lesson? I hope you're talking about the trepassing. But smoking marihuana is not a crime. Only by definition. Morally, it is a normal thing to do. It's as normal as smoking any substance you so wish.
  8. Yea man, it probably was a bad idea, but you learned your lesson, and thats good.

    at least you didnt say somthing like 'damn them fucking cops, they sucks so much ass'. You know? at least you knew it was your fault.
  9. could of just ate that half an eighth.....throw the pipes out a window......then you would just be lookin at trespassin......dono just me i guess......
  10. (I got cought while trespassing)
    I know in these situation you don't really think about stuff that other wise seem obvious..

  11. Yea, I was talking about the tresspassing..As for marijuana, you cant keep a stoner from getting stoned. Simple as that. lol.

    There was a hole in the wall of one of the rooms, but the cops were already downstairs telling us to come out before I could stash everything. I dont think the possesion charge will be a huge deal tho.
  12. ouch that sucks!!

    i used to always blaze in house that were still under construction. with my own place now thats kinda useless... but in grade 8 and 9 they were the place to chill for me and my buddies. we'd have camp out and everything...

    i always pee'd in the houses... figured it was funny that for the rest of my life, id know that i peed in this persons house, and they have no idea... (mind you i dont do this anymore... punks pre teens have wierd minds :D )

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