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    So i get called up to the office and i have no idea wat they want. I go into the principals office and he tells me they were looking for a girls purse searched my looker and found marajana.Im just like wtf cause i knew i had nothing on me. So i start giggling and told him i had nothing on me,then he pulls out a baggie with a couple small stems and a few tiny pods. He tells me security found them in the bottom of my bookbag. So now i have to go to a fucking hearing to find out if im expelled or not.
  2. I never would have brought weed near my high school. They had searches with drug dogs all the time, and if they suspect you of smoking they smell your hands, go through your car, locker, bag, its a complete lack of privacy. But whatever, hope you dont get fucked over, and if your 18, this could effect you getting financial aid for college.
  3. sucks dude. i got caught smoking in school last year and got only got suspended for a day...but i had to go to court a couple months later for a paraphenelia ticket and i got in shit for that.
  4. Good damn it, your school system fucking sucks. You're pretty much treating all your students as potential criminals. It's a sick, sick world we live in.
  5. Yeah this really sucks just started applying to colleges now i have to deal with this shit. Community college here i come.
  6. Why the fuck do you keep empty bags with stems and seeds in it on your person? One of the most preventable ways to get caught.
  7. They were loose in the bottom of my bookbag i had no idea it was there. probably fell out of a blunt or joint.
  8. a buddy of mine got busted in 8th grade. he had a joint and a dime bag is his backpack and they found it in his locker when he was in class. The worst part was his dad was a teacher at the school. He got aressted and suspended for three days, got a possesion charge and had to do 6 months probation. So it coulda been worse dude. But it still sucks.

  9. Seems really unfair to punish the dad, does it really work that way in the US?

  10. WTF?

    You roll blunts and joints with stems and seeds in em? :eek::confused:

    Perhaps the above poster is right, how old are you?:cool:

  11. Lol I don't think he meant the dad.

  12. "The worst part was his dad was a teacher at the school. He got aressted and suspended for three days, got a possesion charge and had to do 6 months probation."

    Am I reading it wrong? :p

  13. yes you are reading it wrong. read the whole paragraph. it says this kid got arrested for possession and his dad worked at the school.

  14. This language of yours :p

  15. LOL, It is the way some use it that make it confusing. It should read "The kid got arrested, suspended for three days, and six months probation, but the worst part was that his father was a teacher at the school.". Personally I think the arrest and six months probation was the worst part, but whatever. :smoke:

  16. ....What?

    Nothing happened to his dad, because his dad want the one who brought weed to school. He was just simply stating that his dad happened to be a teacher at the school he got busted at.

  17. He isn't from America and English obviously isn't his first language. Most Americans do not use proper writing skills and this can be VERY confusing for people that aren't around it everyday.
  18. oh shit man. where i live in Canada its not nearly that much on lockdown about weed in schools. when i used to go to school i would go in high as fuck almost every day and i never got searched or anything. and that's why you shouldn't use a locker.schools reserve the right to search lockers at any time. :smoke:
  19. Exactly the same here. I've always got beers and pot in my locker. Haha.
  20. No. Obviously he means that the worst part of the WHOLE situation was because his dad was a teacher at the school. The possession didn't matter. He didn't like the fact that his dad was a teacher so he told the cops that his dad beat him so they arrested his dad and he got put on 6 months probation for rape.

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