Busted, in school, then versus now.

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  1. I was busted twice in high school in the late 70s.
    First time I was caught I was dealing and had around 10 joints on me.
    The second time I was caught smoking.
    Each time I was caught I got 3 day suspension.
    The 2nd time they called my parents.
    Neither time were police called.
    How does that compare to today?
  2. Police are called. Your parents have to come get you, get expelled from school. Lots of bad sht happens if you deal. Smoking isnt as big of a deal. You get suspended from the school for couple days and you get to go back if you have it on you they do call down the school officer.
  3. Felony and expulsion. Zero tolerance FTW
  4. court for possession on school property (intent to sell if they know you're selling) , in school suspension i believe (out of school for some schools)

    multiple offenses will more than likely get you expelled
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    Depends on how old you are. If you're over eighteen and you get caught selling at school you're fucked, the police will definitely get involved. If you're minor most schools will just expel but they won't get the police involved. And kids usually just get suspended for like a week if they get caught smoking on school property, for first offense.
  6. From my highschool experiences, I was busted once for possession (large grinder with 2 grams in it). The police and my parents were immediately called, as well as a 5 day suspension was issued. I was 17 at the time, so I wasn't arrested or charged. They made me do the "Youth Diversion Act." I had to go to a five week drug rehabilitation center. The whole situation sucked, but that was then, this is now. :) I've come to be more careful with the herb.
  7. My high school had a zero tolerance policy - if you were caught with any amount (smoking or dealing) you were expelled.
  8. in high school i got caught with a pipe and not even enough herb for a hit. i got expelled and caught a paraphernalia and simple possesion charge. it was my first offence too.
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    These days they will send you to Jail....
    No wonder kids in the 70s movies were cooler than these days....there were no consequences so they could do crazy shit like that with little repercussion!

    Hell, a lot of schools these days have a police officer on duty in the school every day...take my old high school as example....when I was attending there was a police officer on duty every Friday as this is when a lot of the shit would go down, AND NOW its everyday..
  10. Zero tolerance aha, suspension, drug test, and you can't come back till you're clean. My friend just got suspended for 13 days for rolling on school grounds, hes an idiot though.
  11. I used to roll joints in study hall, so I'm no Einstein, but hopefully your friend will grow out of it.
  12. I go to a public high school in california. People are literally smoking on school grounds in the view of everyone, but if you are stupid enough to do that and get caught by a proctor, youll get a couple days of suspension. Which isnt bad at all. Caught dealing on school grounds? most likely sent to a continuation school.
  13. It gets treated like any other drug.
  14. if you get caught with weed nowadays im pretty sure you have to take a drug class
  15. You get shot.
  16. I've never been busted but a buddy of mine bought oxy to school and was gonna do it with some chick he texted the wrong person and she snitched first he got suspended for 2 weeks I think and had to go to some meeting for addicts but beacuse he was going to give it to someone they got him with dealing and expelled him for a semester and he gets tested and stuff
  17. its treated like a schedule one narcotic and they usually call in a school liason officer to take a look. him an another administrator such as a principal or vice principal would decide the consequences. you would at least have to be picked up by mom that day, suspended (if not expelled) and some sort of in school punishment.

    ive seen the liason officer take it into his own hands and that earns you a ride to the po-lice station in the bright yellow mustang he gets to drive. thats usually the second offense. my friend hassan got a ride downtown like that once. he asked the liason officer 'is this thing even any fast?' and he put on the lights n sirens and sped all the way there haha.

    yeah if what happend to OP now vs in the 70's he might still be facing reprocussions from it. it sucks when they get the cops involved cuz that really never goes away, you gotta ride with that drug charge till the day you die.

    its probably even more strict now, i graduated several years ago
  18. My friend had an eight on him in 10th grade in his coat pocket I guess it fell out and the teacher saw it, he got suspended for the rest of the year.
  19. Let me clarify I never was arrested at school those were just the consequences. lol

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