Busted in Pa please help!

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  1. Sup guys, i got busted the other day parked in my buddys car at a train station. Im getting a paraphin charge because i had his bowl in hand when the cop approached. My car was parked next to my friends and the cop was at a weird angle diagonal to us(his reasoning for coming over was that he saw smoke come out a window-my lawyer says he may not have had probable cause because he didnt see us hit it before he came over). They did not give us a field sobriety test. Ive heard it may help to ask for a certificate of analysis because if the state cant provide it the case can be dismissed. To sum it up, first offense, paraphin charge-not my piece but i guess wont matter, and i was charged in Radnor, Pennsylvania. Id really appreciate some input especially from experience. Thanks fellas, PEACE.
  2. I'm not trying to be an asshole, but down smoke a bowl at a train station in the middle of the day. You're not a crackhead. You can wait till you get home.
  3. thats nothin your lucky i live in cali and i got 2 felonies and two misdemeanors for weed from a cop
  4. It was at a train station near my school that smokers have frequented everyday for probably close to 10 years without issue (except for a fight and what not). The cop was undercover to look for people parking without a permit. So yeah, i obviously feel like a stupid dickhead. But im 18 and made a mistake. Just have to learn from my stupidity. Just lookin for a little taste of what I can expect. My condolences KUSH 707
  5. pa has a program where if its your first offensive you can get away without any jail time and the fine is much lower
  6. You'll likely be offered a diversion program and you'll probably end up taking that.
  7. Likin what i hear, thanks for the responses
  8. I would just take the fine and or what ever. You can only use ARD one time and since this is only a paraphernalia charge I'd use it another time.
  9. If ive got everything right, your from Pennsylvania correct?

    According to norml.org, if caught with paraphenalia it is a misdemeanor with a possible incarceration for a year and a $2,500 fine. These of course will vary because of our fucked up justice system. Just be cooperative with everything they ask you to do. Its a paraphenelia charge, at least you didnt have a pound on you.:D
    Pennsylvania - NORML

    Goodluck man, hope everything works out for you.:smoking:
  10. all i can say is Pa fucking sucks with pot laws. good luck dude
  11. dude im from p.a. as well +rep for being from p.a.

    For the bad news, I bet you already know that Radnor cops are total assholes and are the most ridiculous unreasonable cops ever!!

    as for your question, i have no answer.....hahahaha keep it real and good luck!
  12. Haha ya Wren my one buddy got booked by Radnor cops a few years back for shoplifting and he said they were cream of the crop assholes to him. Surprisingly tho the cops i dealt with were pretty cool guys who didnt seem to have a problem with weed, just how we were smoking it. The cop that busted us was kind of a dick but i was as cordial as possible throughout the whole process and shook his hand while leaving the station so hopefully that will stay in his mind when we go to court
  13. Eh, if its paraphernalia then you'll probably end up getting up to 6 months of probation. You might also have to pay some fines.
  14. Dude im from Devon...the mainline cops FUCKING suck. Good luck :(
  15. hurray for PA! i got caught with a bowl a long time ago, i got a good cop and he just took the bowl and left me alone. he said it was his shift change and he wasn't interested in making an arrest. but go to the norml website and find the pa laws. i just got lucky, most cops in pa are evil.

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