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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by spacebunni, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. okay. heres the scenario. i have two plants, and someone called the cops on me saying that they were mine. both plants were about 1' and a half to 2'. theres no evidence that i physically planted them except that i was caught checking up on them once.thats why the person called the cops on me. my parents manage the building and knew i planted them, but didnt know it was marijuana. my babies were pulled :( i wasnt home when the cops came so i dont know what they said but question.. whats going to happen to me, what should i do or say?

    not looking to get arrest here.
  2. If your mom and dad knows you planted them.............. tell the cops you didn't know what they were.. Tell them you seen them and thought they were nice looking plants and decided to trans plant them..

    If it were seeds that you planted.......tell the cops that you found the seeds and just planted them!
  3. tell them some kid gave them to you and said they would grow a "money tree" or cactus or something stupid like that
  4. yeah grow further away if you plan on growing outside, on a place that's not connected to you in any way & visit the plants at night or early in the morning
  5. under 5 plants there is minimal pusnishmet. i loked it up and for NY wher if from it was under a moth or like $1000. But i doubt they even give a crap if is isnt flowering. They probably alrady forgot about it.
  6. I heard that (dont know in which area this hold true) they count each plant as 3 ounces of marijuana, regardless if the plant is male or female, flowering or not.

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