Busted growing, got thrown out for 6 hours in -7 degree weather.

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  1. True story, it was around 4:00 PM yesterday (I am in a rush so please mind the spelling mistakes and if something doesn't make sense.. probably didn't think about it) - I JUST got off work and retreated home to blaze a bowl and relax for a while. Well I got home and found my room still the same as it was but I looked in my closet to check on my 2 plants and they were gone. I started freaking out and next thing I knew my mom busted in, plant DEROOTED in her hand, and she threw it directly at me and told me to get the fuck out of her house, so I did.

    So I left, brought 3 packs of cigarettes.. my wallet.. my debit card (she shut it off until I came home, lol). I knew I was doomed outside once she took my cellphone from me, since I've been living in her house, pretty much everything inside of this house as she says "is hers, even though it's yours" - doesn't make any sense I know, but she's just like that. So I ended up wandering around outside for a good 6 1/2 hours until I decided minor frost bite on the tips of my fingers (and I did a lot of thinking too) - it wasn't worth it and I could honestly see that society could careless about any problems you have, I'm just 1 out of 10 billion :rolleyes:

    But, you're probably wondering, why didn't I freeze to death outside? Good question, if you've ever seen the movie "The day after tomorrow" - the part where he was crumbling up book / newspaper and stuffing his jacket full of it, I did similar but I was using paper towels from any place I could break the paper towel dispenser lock and get to them. I just stuffed my jacket and legs full of them and crushed it so the paper wrapped around my skin and kept the heat in. It worked pretty well, it helped me get to a friends house who lived pretty far away so I could get to a phone to call another friend (never did it, couldn't find his number) - all in all, I'm back at home now because I knew for a fact I couldn't live forever outside, I'm not smart enough to do so, or wealthy enough to provide essentials for myself for outside livimg, either way I was screwed so I just went home (after going to a dunkin donuts to buy a coffee to shove in my jacket to keep me warm, I didn't even drink it haha) - it was an intense and very cold day for me. I got kicked out around 4 PM and was wandering around till 10 PM. I got home and they took my new bong that I just paid 125 dollars for and they took the other one that I paid 40 for, I know they didn't break (they said they did but I can tell they didn't. cause it's just too nice to smash lol)

    In a rush so, I've quit smoking and growing marijuana by choice now. I've dumped all the bud I had remaining and flushed it (willingly guys, willngly) - I can see it's been taking my life over because I never had any control over it, and what set my mom off isn't the plant so much (she was actually cool with it) - it was the fact that I showed up to a dinner party completely ripped out of my mind, and I wasn't even paying. Some respect huh? bye gotta go to work!
  2. I'm glad you learned something from all of this. We see a lot of posts on here from kids who just refuse to see their parent's point of view.

    Growing in your parent's house isn't cool, and opens them up to a lot of liability.
  3. thats wicked smart puting paper towels down your shirt and pants. i never would have thought of that.
  4. If you were that rich you wouldn't need to live outside.
  5. Lol.

    Glad to see someone man up and take responsibility and not be like "WHAT THE FUCK MY PARENTS ARE SO GAY!" I don't get how people fail to understand that if you are living under your parents house you have to follow their rules. If you aren't paying any bills then your opinion pretty much doesn't matter.

    Don't worry though - in the future when you are on your own you'll have plenty of time to grow herb and smoke as much as you want.
  6. dude if you believe that its the way to go then right on for making this decision, i always said that you gotta get your shit together before you REALLY start smoking. so right on
  7. Just got home from work guys, so I can finish up the story, sorry for the minor TLDR and delay, here's the rest:

    I spent about 20 minutes in my friends house making phone calls, got through to NOBODY, everyone either takes out the last two digits of their phone number on my Facebook or puts "ask for it" on it - I didn't have any time to wait on these people to respond back so I made my choice, I sleep outside for the night or I go home, After leaving my friends and wandering to the nearest forest and digging a hole in snowbank for myself to lay in (mind you, I had no gloves and my hands were already frozen from the wind) to keep the wind from almost killing me, I fell asleep for about 2 hours then woke up and I decided I couldn't take it anymore and went home, my hands were warm by then cause I had myself curled up in a ball and my hands inside my pants on my crotch (may seem funny, but your gentials are the warmest part area on your body) - when my hands got warm I could feel I had minor frostbite on the tips of my fingers and it hurt like hell, even the smallest amount was agony, I couldn't imagine my entire arm or leg..

    I went home after my 2 hour nap and I showed up at my door with a cold coffee cup sticking out of my shirt (as I said before, I had it shoved in my jacket to keep my warm) - I crossed both my arms around it and covered the top of the cup with my sleeve / hand so my body heat would keep the coffee warm while the coffee keeps me warm. It worked good when I got out of the wind, but when I was walking against the wind with it, it didn't do anything.. that's why I had the paper towel sheets stuffed in my jacket to break the wind. I got home and knocked on my door around 10 PM, I had snot running down my chin / mouth because my face was so numb I couldn't control how much was coming out, my eyes were watering and my legs were trembling (they still hurt too) from the cold. It's really horrible what the cold can do to you. I ended up going home, giving every person in my family a seperate, yet long and indepth apology, covering everything from how I felt to how they felt, to my abuse with marijuana and how I let it gain control in my life. I never saw it, I never thought a substance so widely popular and available I never thought it would ever change my perception and relationships with my family and friends.

    Either way, I won't browse GC for a while until I'm confident enough that I can look at threads without having the thought of relapse water over my mind, it's all a mental game with me. But on a top note, my parents aren't really mad anymore, just disappointed in me. I really took advantage of my mom and that isn't fair to her or anyone else in my family. I know they've worked hard to give me what I have, they worked hard to raise me and my brother and I know I have it better then most people in the world, all because of my mom and dad's hard work and I always took that for advantage. It's a damn shame and I'm ashamed of myself for letting it progress to that stage, where I was pratically stealing 20 bucks from them every 3 days to add onto my money so I could always get that extra gram or two (until they found my grow) - I realize this is their house, I do not pay rent, I do not pay bills, I barely buy groceries.. and I have a whole new respect for peoples property. I'm not liable, my parents are since this is their house. I would hate to do that to them and it was coming close to it at the rate I was growing.

    Anyways, I'm going to cut it off here by saying, this is a change for me. Quitting Marijuana is like losing a old friend. It's tough, but in the end IT WILL be worth it, for me, for my parents and for everyone else.

    Take care and stay safe out there GC, my respect is out to all of you stoners who control their habit, please continue doing so, or you'll end up like me.
  8. boo for flushing it, could of gone to some use to someone. Good thing you smartened up and decided to quit. A nice warm house and bed tops being high. Plus if you want to you can start up again when u gots ur own house. good story and writing skils +rep.
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    Yes, it does sir. It really does. When I arrived home, I took a warm shower and went to sleep. I woke up around 3 AM and just laid there and thought to myself "I'm a very lucky to be laying in this bed right now" - it does beat being high because if I continued to smoke bud, I would of been doing it in the cold and that's not satisfying at all. I'd rather have my family's comfort and support, which never goes away (unlike bud, you have to pay for the love :( ) then to be living on the streets regretting everything I did.

    I hope to start up again sometime WAY in the future, when I am on my own (like you said) and I have my life and priories in order, right now just doesn't seem like a good time for me huh? :p

    Thank you for the reputation, I appericate it guys :hello:
  10. Wow, that is shitty. Good thing you know how to survive in the wild.
  11. Bro,

    you got your head on straight. I look up to you.

    I have all this wildness in my mind (I live with parents too) of how I wanna start getting a lot of weed and selling it for cash but that just risk getting caught. It's hard man...right now im controlled. (weekends with friends only, nights etc)

    I look up to you for that.


    One love.:eek:
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    Thank you, I'm glad you look up to me :). It's not the risk of getting caught that ever scared me. My grow room was controlled and well-thought out by me and my dealer, we spent almost 4 months planning every single detail to the room and it turned out so wonderful, I know it's a damn shame she broke all my gear (Bubbleponics hydroponics kit, all my fluros, fluro hoods, my hps ballast, socket, lamp and hood. It was all smashed down and cut up by my father.. he took it all to some dump far away except the plants (I only had the mother plant sitting under the fluros on a 12/12 timer so she wouldn't bud, that's the one my mother derooted and threw at me :() those I already harvested and had gone, they just found all the harvested bud (around 2 pounds or so after a few months of SoG on my mother plant and just cloning over and over after each harvest) - and all my equipment in my closet.

    The only reason they ever found out about my grow room was because they found my entire zip loc bag full of buds and they thought I was selling and buying that much, I had to end up telling them that I was growing, because if I didn't say anything and they thought I bought all that, I wouldn't be typing on GC right now, as a matter of fact, I'd probably still be sleeping in that snow bank.

    All I am trying to say man is, be smart, if you're looking to sell, start out selling small, don't go out and just buy an entire ounce and expect to be able to sell it in one night. You need to have a steady flow of clients or a lot of fucking friends. You also have to be willing to drive and deal with all the bullshit of people just wanting gram sacks. You NEED to make sure you have this planned out before you start it or you're destined to fail. Control and "standing your ground" are the most important aspects to selling. If you sold to every person that came around with the amount of money they could gather and a sad face, you'd make no profit. You can't sympathize or respect clients (if they aren't your friends) - they're just business in the eyes of a dealer.

    Selling (as you can see so far) isn't an easy job, that's why I cleverly don't it, I don't need people I don't know calling my cellphone asking me for weed, that's unneeded attention towards me, and as a former grower I didn't need that, I would of rather given it to my dealer and let him and his guys deal with it. The best method of selling in my whole hearted opinion is to get people to work for you, so becoming a grower is key to raking in large profits. ALWAYS be smart about it and gather a few trusted friends and span your bud out between them if you're looking to jump into big and selling (assuming you have a ton of friends) - then do the aforementioned, give them cuts of the money you earned as a payment for their work. If you're looking to buy small and just sell to a few friends, that's always the best way to go. Your friends will appericate you more and if you sell to just a select few (2 - 4 people max) - I guarantee you won't be making any profits, but you'll gain a much stronger friendships because in reality, Cannabis, just its' presence brings people together.

    But it's good that you're controlled also, how long have you been smoking for so far? If it's only a few weeks or so, It will change quickly, you're going to find that the amount of weed that once got you high as a kite no longer seems to phase you, so you're going to end up smoking more, your sessions might not be so controlled, but don't let me project myself onto you, because honestly, not everyone is me :p

    Good luck man, be safe out there, be sure to ask yourself "Is this really the life I want to start / lead?"

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