busted for pot

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  1. bubblegum bandmates busted for pot

    three members of squeky-clean British pop group S Club 7 were arrested tuesday for marijuana possession. Bradley McIntosh, 18, John Lee, 19, and Paul Cattermole, 24, were caught with a joint in London's trendy West End district. The group quickly apologized to fans. "We have been very stupid, we know we've made a mistake and we're very sorry," the three said in a statement. Besides a string of hit singles, S Club 7 stares in a self-titled, teen-oriented TV show that airs on Fox Family Channel.

    usa today march 22,2001

    just remember..

    I've been very stupid,
    I know I made a mistake,
    I'am very sorry..

    will it work?
  2. Yeah right. I'm sure they are very sorry.

    Sorry they were dumbass enough to get popped.It's just breaking my heart,NOT!

    I'm sure the spin Dr.s have already started a campaign to make 'em sqeaky clean again.

    They will resurect themselves and polish up the old public image with the most maudlin acts of contrition and self flaggelation imaginable.

    Sympathy?It's in the dictionary right in between s**t and syphilus.

    Boo Hoo Hoo


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