Busted for Possesion, Need advice

Discussion in 'General' started by CodyMac, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. Hello, i live in Texas and was stopped for speeding, the cop smelt marijuana and asked how much was in my car and i told him exactly how much ( half a joint ) and where it was. He came back after searching my car and wrote me a ticket for Possesion of Narcotic Paraphanelia, and wrote it as a Class C instead of a Class B he told me. My question is i dont want this to go on my record, if i just plead no contest and pay the fine ($400)will it go on my record? Can i take community service instead? How do i get it off my record if it does go on there?
  2. If you plea no contest it wil stil go on your record, get a lawyer
  3. Dude, that cop let you off easy. Be thankful.

    Definately talk to your lawyer asap. And quit driving around with weed!!
  4. Where is Texas are you from? I got a possession of paraphanalia in Austin and I went to court 2 weeks ago. Yeah it sucks, I got differed judification for 6 months, a drug awareness class and $252 in fines. Good Luck. Unless you have something worth arguing I dont think you should waste your money on a lawyer, it seemed like procedure to me when the prosecuting attorney offered me the terms of the differed judification. Are you gonna tell your parents? If so make them get you a lawyer.
  5. No matter how it turns out, possesion of marijuana isn't the end of the world.
  6. Cant you get a free lawyer?
  7. Oh my God, half a joint?
  8. I bet you wished you would have eaten it... the bastards.

  9. Go to court, get a "court appointed lawyer" ... they are free. It really depends on your income though. When I was younger I used to get court appointed lawyers all the time, usually get off with a Y.O.

    I have no clue how old you are, you're SUPPOSED to be over 18 to be at this forum, I know there are some lurking around that are not over 18, and if this is you, then take a Y.O.

    Y.O. is Youth Offenders, it will REALLY help you out.

  10. haha man, that's some funny shit.

    Good luck with the charge CodyMac, I would be asking a lawyer though, not us. But don't pay them, just get the advice if you can.

  11. haha damn skippy i got in a sitieation like that once... had to munch a half an o of shwa,,, and it was all in one solid disk of super condensed brickness that looked like it cam ova in someones spare tire... had a corner of the block and everything... HOWEVER... long story short i ate the half an o hot my car searched my pockets searched a breathalizer don on me a bunch of walk that line say these words poke that body part's done to me and after 45 min of dicking around i got asked if i thought the cop was stupid?i was a unfun time... Officer Smelly McHam looked me straight in the bloodshot eye and asked me if i thought he was stupid.......??? i was giggeling like a little girl but the pig couldnt do shit cause i didnt have a damn thing on me... nor did my friend,, nor did my car :) my super stinkey car :D .... shit what was this post about again????... eh.... w/e
  12. hey, thanks for the replies... the useful ones... aggiesmoker i live in DFW, and 252$ in fines sounds damn good to me, i would be happy with that, the fine for me is 400$.... how did u get off with just 252$? I heard if i dont get a lawyer and " Expunge " this charge then it will go on my record for sure.. the fee for that is another 300$ =( , well i dunno what a court appointed lawyer would do for me as far as this goes, ( arent they kind of shady ? ) the fee for the lawyer i called that said he would take care of it for 75$ ( plus $300 to expunge it ) i guess i will just do all of this... comes out to be a massive $775 to dust my shoulders off. And it was only half a joint because thats the only place i told him i had weed ;)
  13. dude you got off pretty good, when i got busted here where i live (KS) the bitch cop that arrested me tryed to fuck me over. What she found in my ride was like 2 seeds and a stem, and my pipe. SO she arrests me for Possesion of marijuana, and pariphinalia. Not only that but she arrests me for DUI, and I was not even driving my car at the time, I was parked with my keys out of the egnition (that charge did get dropped). But anyway it was my first offince. They sentenced me like 9 months diversion. And a 400 dollar fine.
  14. Impalika, did it go on your permanent record? Did you get a lawyer? How did you pleed?
  15. umm, if i complete diversion how they want me to, no it does not go on my record. I plead guilty to the charges in order to get diversion.

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