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Busted dad but weary about confronting...HELP

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by motox12, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. I would definatley just bring up the subject of weed with him sometime, and see where it goes. If he seems to pretend he is against it then obviousley he isn't comfortable talking about it with you. Or try cracking some kind of joke about it. You're both adults...he can probably understand that. The only reason I could see him getting upset is because maybe he likes the idea that its his own private thing that nobody else knows about. Some people need that and like that, and maybe he'd prefer you not know or at least pretend you don't. That is why I think you should just casually bring up the subject..look for something in the newspaper about it and bring it up, you can probably figure out what to do by the reaction he gives.
  2. dude post an update
  3. in some bizarre case that he had that stuff for some other reason, you may make yourself look like a smoker and your dad may get suspicous. i suggest that on the slim chance he doesnt actually smoke and that he has that for whatever other reason, you confront him by saying omething very straightforward, i found your stash, i know you toke.
  4. you should ask him his stance on weed, ask him what he thinks about it and ask him how he would react to you smoking. My plan kinda sucks buts its a fragile situation. He might blaze him self but then again he might not want you getting high because he doesnt want you to get caught with it by the police or some shit or he might prefer you smoke with him instead out in a riskier place.

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