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Busted dad but weary about confronting...HELP

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by motox12, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. Well let me first say I had a very discriptive and informative story and requesting of help earlier but some "techincal difficulty" came along and messed that up.

    So let me just say that I found my dad's big stash and nugs and dug-out with pipe but am surprised b/c he is pretty conservative and a busisness owner and just seems unlikely. But if you knew his past living in the 70's being all-american football jock then it becomes more of a chance but that he still smokes blows me mind. I discovered this about 2 weeks ago and left a smiley face in his stash that he found about a week ago and just threw it out I guess.....

    Now I am just weary about confronting him b/c I do not know what he will say. I was thinking about saying "so I found your stash" and I am assuming he would say something right afterwards like "so...., and...., DON"T SAY NETHING! (doubtful), Do u like it?, what do you think", and so on.

    But i don't know. I am nervous about where to start it and how to confront him. Should i just say something one time when it is just him and me and he seems in a good mood you know. Like i had the chance this weekend multiple times and even swore to myself I would confront him but just can't man up to my own dad. Yeah, i know he isn't gonna like "ground" me but u kno, its my dad and it is just akward...

    What do you suppose I do and how do I go on doing that?
  2. confront him about it tell him that you are also a responsible smoker.. tell him you discovered his stash of bud and would like to smoke with him sometime if he thinks thats suitable...
  3. That is just what I want to say but I need to stop bitch'n out of the situations that I could say that in. 666 post if that means anything...

    I can't just say all that though.

    He could respond angerly about me smoking or just the opposite. It is hard to tell because he is not slack about what I do and what I am doing. For example my one friend that I hang with A lot and my family is friends with his. Or atleast my mom with his mom and my dad sorta with his dad (divorced). He used to always live behind me till his parents split up back n middle school i believe and is a somewhat rebelious and complusive liar that has been caught drinking and smoking multiple times due to his carelessness.....

    Well my dad seems sketch when I am around him but when at my house he is less sketch like at night and sort of hints to us "enjoying ourselves". I could be over analyzing or he could be slak about me smoking when it is at home and at night. Due to the less likelyness of being caught, my dad tokes late at night i know b/c he will go out for a bout an hour with his lil one hitter dug out pipe and come back n eating a lot and acting all "different".

    What do you think?
  4. /agree
    /hi5 mundi
  5. How do I go on confronting him tho. Specifically I guess. I may feel like I need a specific plan for me to man up because I would feel more confident going in knowing what I want to say. Rather than just bringing it up and not knowing how to react.
  6. that's definately what you need to do man if he's a toker there is no way he won't understand and be liberal about your smoking with him. especially since he still puffs it, not just that he did a long time ago, like many of our's.

    how about this:

    dad, i wanted to let you know that i just happened to have found your stash of pot. since you do smoke it i want to be liberal about it and let you know that i smoke too in my spare time. if you ever want to bond and smoke with me and think that's appropriate for us, then i'd be obliged.
  7. just leave a note in there saying you should match some buds one nite:p
  8. I will probably end up waiting for him to be laying on the couch watching t.v. in the workout room one night when it is dark (more comfortable). This room is where he spends most of his time after dinner and in free time when the family is not together and stuff. He used to work out more in there but he watchs playboy sometimes I know and smokes ciggs in there with the door locked like he thinks me and my brother don't know, and smokes herb i guess now that I know.

    Then I will probably say something just like that Mundi, i want to let you kno that i happpened to find your stash and want to know what you think about me smoking.

    Should i not say that and say something like and want to smoke together sometime.

    But then it would be realllly akward smoking herb with my DAD.
  9. I would just talk to him about it. Reminds me of when me and my buddy found his dad's hash(with a tin foil pipe no less... heh). We didn't say anything until New Year's Eve(which was a week or two later, i'm not sure).. but basically we were all drinking and we asked if he was ok with us smoking in his house. Reply was simply "Why, you guys got some smoke?" So of course all of us proceed to pull out our stashes and pieces... twas a good night. Ended up talking to him about when he was a kid and stuff back in the 60s.

    But anyhow.. I really would just talk to him. You don't have to tell him you smoke until you get his reaction when you confront him about the stash, just talk to him.. he is your dad after all.
  10. Thats what I am leaning towards. Thanks.:wave:
  11. I'm surprised nobody has said this yet lol

    I advise you to think this through absolutely 100% before you confront him about it.

    You need to be absolutely positive that its his weed. Not that maybe he had a partner or somebody who left it there or anything like that.
  12. Very true^^ Wouldnt want to end up looking like a total ass... If you can confirm its his than you should deff talk to him, and it will prolly be best if you went in sober so you dont get parinoid and chicken out..

    Good luck...:smoking: choke with ya later...:smoking:
  13. True ^^

    Find out if it is his, try to find a pattern, when he smokes so you can at least walk in on him or find him after he just smoked so you can smell it on him and at that point I would say you could make your move before he relaxes and you just come in and start the interrogation on him lol.
  14. this is an option: you could just leave your stash in an area where he would likely come across it and find out your secret too.. wait for him to confront you about it (he should, hes the parent) and when you start having a conversation you could also mention that you noticed he had some pot and just see what happens from there?i dunno but once u get it over with it could be way worth it..i mean just think about blazing with your dad and how much more time u could spend with him? haha
  15. when hes gone put smoking and hes ll high be waiting to here the his car pullup and just sit chill and light up a bowl and see whats sup
  16. *update update* comon man just say something ;P

    ok when u see him leavin for his ushal hour to go smoke his dug be like holdon dad i got something to show u real fast outback .. and have a joint or something and be like i kn ou were goin to go toke so lets spark one up right here

  17. That would be sick! But I think it would be real akward you know. I would rather confront him and think it all through how I plan on it going down and just be prepared for all types of scenario's...Thats what I am asking help on.

    I am 99.99% sure the stash is his and 100% sure he tokes bud. No need to explain, I am positive.

    I looked at the dug-out in HIS jacket before he when outside one night and looked at it after he came in a while later. It went down and I don't think that my dad is emptying it out on the ground and trying to bury it. Sorry to be blazed.


    Tesupo:Find out if it is his, try to find a pattern, when he smokes so you can at least walk in on him or find him after he just smoked so you can smell it on him and at that point I would say you could make your move before he relaxes and you just come in and start the interrogation on him lol.

    I like your idea. But I just need help being prepared for the different types of scenario's...

    I don't know when he smokes. There is not set usual time. I just happened to notice extreme giveaways that he recently smoked herb.
  18. "hey dad, you busy?"


    "wanna smoke a Joint?"

    and then let the good times roll.
  19. you should write a book IMO
  20. Thank you but do any of you have advice on possible scenario's and how i should start it.

    I can't just say so dad I know you smoke and think its surprising but glad to know you do, wanna smoke? Or can i smoke since u can.

    "Sooo i found your stash." is somewhat possible at any quite moment but i really could use help on how to start it.

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