Busted by the cops, or was I....?

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    So as usual I pick up two friends and go to the gas station to pick up a pack of swishers so we could get down on a blunt session. Apparently my car's registration was expired for 12 days prior but I had no idea. Well as soon as i'm leaving the gas station a cop starts tailing me. He finally pulls me over after tailing me for a couple minutes. I instantly knew I was fucked, we had a gutted blunt in the car as well as the strong scent of freshly ground up bud. The cop walks up to me car and to my surprise says "Justin, is that you?" and I look up confused. The person who pulled me over graduated with me from high school... in fact we were pretty good friends, I had taken him out jet skiing the summer before. Little did I know he is now a cop! He said he smelled the weed and told me to be more careful and get my registration fixed so I don't run into anymore problems, he then gave me his cell number if I ever have any more problems in the future and then to our surprise, lets us go. Didn't search me or even ask what was in the car... sometimes it's nice to know the cops who are pulling you over :smoke:
  2. nice
    lol imagine your high school reunion
  3. wow dude..u a reel lucky ass mofo fam...idk bout dat last part though bout knowin cops. man fuck 50

    "JUSTIN" I could imagine how your face just lit up to suprise.

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