Busted by pigs

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Pizzle, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. fuck i cant believe what just happened

    i go to my homies aprtment, and he was drunk and belligerent, hitting his wife
    it has never been so bad.
    COPS come over, theres bottles and underage people drunk& smoking bud
    turns out homie had alcohlol poisoning and hes on probation, so he went to the hospitol then they're gonna book him.
    booked my homies, got slapped with citations, whole apartment torn apart, and the cats got out.
    havent even been high all day
    just needed to get this off my chest
  2. that fucking blows.
  3. sucks man, i feel the underage drinkin ticket.
  4. Damn, but you can't beat the crap out of your wife and expect no one to call the cops if a bunch of people are over.
  5. yeah it was probably best for the cops to come, but they coulda cleared everyone out first!!!
  6. I feel for ya man, next j goes in your name
  7. Man im sorry, but If my boy was hitting his girl, I dont care if ive known him all my life, Id lay him out regardless. Hitting women is just wrong, dont care who you are.
  8. i agree
  9. yeah, don't hit a woman. but you can shake the shit outta 'em :D (anyone tells me wife I said that, I'll deny it!)
  10. damn man im sorry to ehar go smoke the pain away

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