Busted by parents

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by squeeakatodd, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. This really sucks i was busted by my parents a week ago... They "randomly" decided to clean my room and they found a 40oz, bottle of burbun, 20 sack, and my pipe... Man it really sucks because they made me flush they alch and pot and then made me break the pipe and throw it away... They really didn't flip out as much as i thought they would but they really don't talk to me anymore. I much rather would have had them flip out them to have to stop talking to me, so that is really the worst part about it... O well i guess live and learn... Next time i won't be so fucking stupid with my hiding places either.
  2. dude that sucks, i got busted round this time last year. My rents did the same sorta silent thing...its just not knowing what to say. They will start talking and u can start toking
  3. That is quite shite but these things happen,sadly :(
  4. That's the biggest bitch ever when they make you yourself dispose of it, like they're rubbing it in your face or something, I feel your pain. But, I love your avatar:D
  5. Heh, i feel for ya but my parents caught me with THEIR weed and still didnt care enough to even ground me, they just took my pipe and weed and when we were done havin 'the talk' about it they even asked me if i wanted my pipe back. I'm the McGuyver (I think thas how it is) type and so it was just a altoids tin with a socket wrench and a filter but it worked great. But they have caught me with a bong and just said ok is your homework done?

  6. (this is Shay)

    be happy youre not in a boot camp. next time hide better or finish your weed lol
  7. sucks man sorry to hear that. i got busted last week too. had to throw away an 8th, smash my peice, etc. live and learn is correct
  8. wow i just noticed how old this fucking thread is. did your parents ever decide to talk to you again?
  9. i was gonna put a serious reply when i realized this thing is EXTINCT!!!!!!
  10. 5 and a half years.

    Sum1 went pretty far back for this one.
  11. OP hasnt posted in 5 years...

    People, slowly back away.
  12. lol she said "this is shay" before (s)he posted, wtf

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