Busted by ordering grow supplies on line?

Discussion in 'Security' started by HomerSativa, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. Does anyone think it unsafe to order nutes, coco, bubblers and such on line and have them sent to your house? Does anyone in the us personnally know someone get busted by having the law follow orders from eBay or hydro shops?
  2. No. The supplies are for growing plants, not specifically marijuana.

    You'll be fine.
  3. I would assume I'm just being paranoid but I read a news clip where this guy got busted, in 97, from the dea going threw invoices from a company that advertises with High Times and seeing what he bought then started to investigate. It think it said he only had one or two plants. I've not ever heard anyone say they know someone who went down like this nor have I found any threds as such. So I'm hoping alot of people will see this thred and I can ease my mind.
  4. Well it's possible, but very unlikely.

    They can't prove anything if you are just buying simple gardening supplies.

    Maybe if you ordered all the supplies and some seeds at the same time..

    But to answer your question, no i haven't heard of anybody getting busted by ordering grow supplies off the interwebz.
  5. Well that's cool. I've actually got several things growing, inside and outside. So I guess it's all good.
  6. For all they know, you are growing vegetables and herbs. Just buying this stuff isn't enough to allow a search.
  7. Lights, nutes, coco, bubblers, etc are legal to buy and sell.
  8. I hear you guys. I am believing it safe the more people that see this post and can't respond that they know some one. I guess I've been looking for three days now and only found that one post. But of course some where in my resin coated, paranoid brain:smoke: I see a task team getting sales files with names and adresses. Next thing they drive/fly by with heat detecting camras and bam! I don't get to smoke my girls cause I'm in jail!! Now of course I'm not truly that paranoid or else my grow would be gone. But at least I'm looking to see what others might know; better safe than sorry.:smoke:
  9. Where I live, hydroponics shops exist all over, so i'm lucky enough to be able to buy directly from them by cash. The shop assistant even told me 1 time that I should rip my reciepts up, keep a record of the order number, and ill have no trouble returning goods. But if you mention anything that may be specific to growing weed, all they tell you is, "do some further research, then come back, or pick whatver you think, and get the fvck out"!

  10. I have to drive 3-4 hours to get to a hydro shop. So that's not my fav option. Maybe someday my state will come to it's senses.:smoking:
  11. It would ultimately come down to a judge being willing to issue a search warrant based on tomato growing supplies. I can't see very many doing it. Rogue judge? Maybe, but not likely. Now, if you order enough stuff to pull 2lbs/mo. then you might pique some interest.
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    Even more, it would require cops to want to try to petition the judge in the first place. The cops know that the judge almost certainly wouldn't grant the warrant, and if they bring stuff to the judge that gets thrown out that pisses the judge off, which the cops don't want to do, so you have two filters, first the cops (if they even want to risk trying for a warrant) and then the judge (who is unlikely to issue it). Besides which, law enforcement is mostly a local affair. Cops in your local jurisdiction would need to want a warrant to search the customer records of a company in another jurisdiction (probably another state), just to go on a fishing expedition. Not gonna happen.
  13. Agreed!
  14. I like the sound of that. It eases my mind!:smoking::wave: Thanks!!!
  15. you should be fine. just think of how much money it would cost to take you to court to try and prove that you ordered these legal supplies to grow weed. its not worth it for them to try and go after you for such a small scale grow. you would really have to have the attention of the DEA prior to ordering this stuff online for anybody to come knocking at your door.

    hell, I even order seeds online and have no problems.
  16. I am legal and I dont let anyone see that stuff, ever! Dude I was stalked by a thief before. I always say it like this, that plant you grow is like a money tree, I wouldn't let anyone know theres a chance I am growin.
    in my local there are a few rippers who are takin whole rooms out of the house, equipment and everything, sick ass punks!!
  17. Use a prepaid credit card, order the supplies under a public computer, and have them shipped to a friend's house.
  18. I'm not letting anyone know about the grow,

  19. Get a PO Box under a pseudonym
  20. Stop stressing. Order from an out of state hydro store (like dchydro.com) to eliminate any fears from local cops. Use your normal credit card and ship right to your door. Nothing you are buying is illegal. Buy as much junk as you want and relax, no one cares.

    Stay out of your local grow shops.

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