busted by my rents

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GSS, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. holy shit.
    yesterday i was in my room and my folks walk in with a STEAMROLLER in their hand!! i pretend to act all innocent and i ask why they bring me a water bottle with tinfoil over it. my dad says "this is used to smoke marijuana or hashish" and he showed me exactly how to do it. he did the motions perfectly. i promised them that NONE of my friends smoke ANYTHING, and then i said it was mack (this douchebag that is everyone's scapegoat, none of our parents know him anyway). i barely got away with that.
    so today, im on the computer and my friend had showed me this really cool site with a gasmask bong. i was also checking my email. when my dad came in the room, i quickly closed what i though was the gasmask-bong link. i actually closed my email link and the gasmask link pops up!! it looked so sketchy and he had this really weird look on his face. i just said it was a joke link from one of my friends.
    they're sure i smoke pot now.
    anyone else has interesting stories?
  2. my mom found all my bongs sitting out on my desk while i was out. she picked them up and put them all away so they wouldnt get broken. then she told me she didnt care about me smoking at all. that was pretty cool.
  3. Jeez....you're folks don't knock?

  4. FUCK THAT you rat bastard, i have a friend and him and his step sister use me as a scape goat when they get busted. My parents never cared...but they got away scot free seeming like perfect little angles. YOU should be 18 so fucking man up please.

    Parents hate it when you lie, and sometimes what they dont know can hurt them(when they find out)
  5. I got busted also a few months back, it was horrible. I even considered quiting, for like 2 hours hah!

    got my car taken away, and my parents basically lost my trust for a long time. it sucked.
  6. to respond to buzzwell:
    my parents don't even know him, so its perfect. and when he came over to my house i introduced him as jeff, so they'll never actually MEET mack. its not a big deal. im not gonna take the shit when i dont have to.
  7. one night i was realy feining the weed and i had none.
    and i went to go talk to my dad and he walked out of his room and he reaked or marijuana and thats how i figured out my dad smokes weed.
    i begged him for some and he said noooooooooo and i was so cut but he gives me some of his nice herb :smoke: on weekends now so its SWEET
  8. :rolleyes:just relised this is a forum about us getting cuaght smoking weed not our parents lol.
    was to stoned to notice
    but yea i was smoking for months before my mum caught me i use to go hpome stoned and she never realy noticed. but one day after going a month or so with out smoking weed i started again and i had just treked out into a bush nere my house to meet a friend and we had cones .
    and i went bak home stoned off my face and my mum new,
    she was so angry. later on she found out that i smoked weed evert day
    she never suspected a thing.
  9. time to start being a man and being honest. you are 18 arnt you, if they disaprove just dont smoke at home or come home high, what you do when your out is your own choice.

    whatever, if u keep lieing and get caught, probably piss them off more.

    just gather facts, pros and cons, and be like " hey i handle my shit and have been smoking the whole time" as long as its your money and all

    edit-if hes a doosh, why do are u introducing him to your parents?

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