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Busted by my Mom

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by smoky_toky, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. IDK what to say i come home i see my vape, mason jar for ABV, Kief box, and grinder on my desk but she has yet to say anything to me. the only thing she took was a hot plate i got for boiling water for ramen.
  2. Hahah omg id shit a brick if my mom did that shit cuz i rent he basement like its my own place xD
  3. talk to her about it. if you have a job or in school and youre doing what you gotta then shell probably be cool with it.
  4. Tell her to quit going through your shit
  5. Does she even know what any of it is?
  6. ive been busted once but it was a joint. i dont think she knew what any of it was at all. i smoke cigs and pipe tobacco so she probably thought the abv was pipe tobacco.
    yeah i live at home with the parents and i am a full time student in college and work fulltime. if she would have opened the kief box though she would have shat a brick. same here because i have a lot of kief and a few grams of dank.
  7. She probably just wanted some noodles...
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    lol there are plenty of noodles in my house. my mom is Korean im half

    she even wrapped up the cord to my da buddah around the base of it lol
  9. It sounds like she was cleaning lol....or just really wanted some noodles (I wouldn't blame her, noodles are the shittt).

  10. 20 bucks says she used that vape...
  11. Your mom while cleaning: "And he never shared this shit?!"

    Bet you have some missing. ;)

    My mom found my pipe when she wanted to clean my jacket, and found it in a box with all the other stuff that was in the pocket on my bed. I know they know now, since I've been caught in the act (and therefore moving out). I guess parents give their kid(s) a first strike?
  12. hide it better this time lol
  13. i wanna know what happens. lol
  14. nothing has yet to happen
  15. Smoke her out. Then talk to her about it.
  16. bake her some "brownies" & have a chat an hour later...
  17. Tell her she's grounded !! Tell her to go to her fucking room. Ask her "Do I ever go through your shit ?"
  18. dude your korean right shes full not racist here my friend is fillipino and his parents are like really like forgean (i dont know how to spell it). So your mom probably doesnt know wht it is
  19. Be a man and ask her about it. Dont sit around like a child and wait for your lecture. pssshhh kids these days.

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