Busted by a pig (long)

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  1. I hold the highest respect for most cops and understand that it is illegal to have marijuana, but this fuckiung got me fuming real bad.

    Me and two buddies were cruising down the road out in the country, My friend had a bowl packed in his pocket and I had a half quarter and some seeds, noone was high ( I had taken my marinol but I was still straight) and we see a cop stopped on the road. We figured the cop was at a house or trying to catch speeders or something, anyway we get closer and he blocks off the road, then we figure out he was waiting for us, he gets out and comes to the window which was open (it was a nice day) The cop sticks his head in the window so it was right over the driver and sniffs the air (noone had smoked in the car for about a month so it did not smell what so ever, anyway the cop says he smells dope and gets us out of the car, then he rips apart the car, finding a small piece of shake in the carpet. He sees this as grounds to search all three of us, he found the dope and pipe and took it. He then procedded to go through are bags, (without permission) at this time I notice he is not wearing a badge, I handed him my docotors note saying I have Hogkins and asked about the badghe and his name and badge number, he ignored me and the note and kept on searching, he went back to his car and told us to wait.

    Another cruiser pulls up beside rthe first one and the cops start talking, they were handing hte pipe and weed back and forth and at one point started laughing. The other cruiser drives off and the cop comes backl and tells us not to smoke ever again. FUCKING ASSHOLE!

    Anyways, I got to school and heard hte copse werte at the school talking to the VP, I went to the VP and asked if he got the officers name, he said no and told me I should be suspended but I'm a good guy so he will let it slide.

    I plan on reaserching this as much as I can and going to the station tommorow to file a report. I am making a list of all the things the officer did wrong. so far I have:

    No badge

    would not give number/name

    Illegal search & seizure of the car, our bags and us

    He took my seeds, seeds are legal to have unless he can prove I was intending on growing which he can't ( I "eat the seeds for there high nutritition value")

    pulled us over without a reason, we were driving legally and all had are belts on, plus no weed was visible in the car at all

    and he did not destroy the marijuana and pipe, which is required becaue hhe could have just gone and smoked it afterwards.

    I have a lawyer if I need one and I am willing to take this as far as I can, I am looking for an apology from the officer, my seeds which are legal and hopefully seeing this officer suspened/fired/in some sort of trouble.

    In closing, Fuck the ignorant pigs, wish me luck and if you can think of anything else I could bring up or am wrong about please let me know.
  2. That shit makes me sick. It's all the power they have, all the insane amount of power. It's ridiculous.

    I was pondering, and thought of this:

    By law you have to attend school, right? (Any age)

    At school you have no rights, and therefore can be searched etc.

    By law we are/were forced to a place where we had no rights.

    What ever happened to the 5th amendment? Like the right not to incriminate yourself? I mean, I would not be incriminating myself, if I weren't forced to be here, right? I'm just saying, is there some loop hole I'm missing? Or is the law allowing illegal searches? I'd like an answer, please!
  3. I was not at the school when this happened I was across town on spare, the cop preformed an illegal search and I am going asap (tommorow morning) to report him. In Canada's constitution it cleary states that as a citizen I have the right not to be searched without cause. and yes at school you have no rights it's fucked but they some how get away with it.
  4. Did you say he couldnt search? If not they he could have legally searched.
  5. apparently they only inforce the law not abide by it, good luck on that man i hope you legally fuck those cops, let us know what happens if you can
  6. For all the people who are going to comment, let's not forget he's from Canada. I know they have very similar rights but there are a few differences. I once heard that, for example, Canadian police officers don't have to read any rights when they arrest someone (don't know if it's true). At any rate, they are not identical.
  7. All the power to you man! I hope you get that power hungry pig fired :D
  8. even though you're right, i doubt you'll get anything back from making a formal complaint. if they didn't find anything on you it would have been a hell of a case. still though, props for doing the right thing. cops blow
  9. Wish you best of luck.
  10. on the topic of right vioaltions does anyone have the video called something along the lines of "how to protect your rights" where it gives several situations and how to handle them and how not to
  11. Although what he did was wrong, be thankful you didn't have to go to court...
  12. After considering it all night long, i have decided to issue the complaint with the reasoning that there was no valid reason to pull us over in the first place, I am also asking for my seeds back and advising that the cop gets a patrol in town near my place as teh vandalism and such is getting way oyut of hand but there are never cops around. IMO Cops should be arresting people who's crimes have victims rather than victimizing marijuana smokers with bullshit.

    On a happier note, the 5 seeds I had at home yesterday germinating are doing well, I checked this morning and 3 are showing roots :) I plan on moving them today.
  13. that cop sounds like reeeli cunt..Let us no how everything goes...Im hopin the dickhead gets fucked on.
  14. Possibility cause police in australia dont have to read your rights when you get arrested as it has happened to me a fair few times:smoke:
  15. some narc cops or whatever they were called pulled over my cousin a while ago. he had a bottle of pills, and like 200 dollars. they took his pills and $180 and told him to get lost.
  16. yeah man one time my bro got pulled over by a fake pig, the fucker got nailed tho and hes in jail as of now
  17. file a complaint on each instance that he vilated you. Nothing to lose. Take the shotgun approach just like they would for you. Throw the whole book at him and see what sticks.:devious:
  18. AND change your handwriting in each complaint....haha....:smoke:
  19. LMAO!:D
  20. I'll testify! Ingersoll is only a 25 minute drive.


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