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  1. just pisses me off that all the advisors and school cop act like a tippical "conservative uneducated adult" acting like they know what they are talking about and know whats best for us. how can they educate us when they themselfs are uneducated?
  2. what did you get busted with and how??
  3. i got caught off campus last week and they called me up cause they were suspicious i guess. the cop searched my car and found 2 pieces
  4. I hate that shit, im one of the smartest people in my class, along with probably the biggest stoner in our(very small) school, and im constantly trying to educate peers and talk to teachers and admins about deep topics, but i never let em know whats really up with the origin of those thoughts.
    Honestly, if they are uneductaed, thats their fault, and if you ARE educated, why should you care, let the sheep just roam the fields, dont try to butt in
  5. damn man that sucks, what happened did they suspend you or w/e?
  6. 5 day suspension and a 90 day contract
  7. damn thats some bullshit, when i got caught up with a bong(brand new never used) i got charged eith drug paraphernalia and got a 5 day suspension. they were gonna put me onn contract but somehow they forgot to, lucky me. but ya it sucked
  8. yea the cop was chill and didnt give me a ticket cause i knew i couldnt get out of it so i was really helpful. whatever. when i started blazing i was aware of the consiquences of smoking pot. i know what im doing is right, thier the ones looking ignorant.
  9. Thats cool, yeah if i know im screwed ill cooperate cuz i know ill get off easier but ya i get you man. what made me mad about when i got busted was that when people have cigarettes they just take them. but, when i had a bong, which its use for marijuana couldnt be proven because it was new, they automatically call it drug paraphernalia cuz its on school grounds and is an automaic 5 day suspenion.
  10. yea dumb shit. whatever. im still going to blaze every chance i get. no car anymore but ill find a way:smoking: im going to have to do counceling and attend AA meetings. hope that will change me:D
  11. smoking pot doesnt have to have consequences. LEAVE ur shit at home and u wont get in any legal problems.

    and smoking pot is not "right " its a personal preference.
  12. heres a tip bro dont take that shit to skool and keep it out ur car. my old hs did random drug searches in the parking lot. walked around with drug sniffing dogs. soon as i seen them i stoped taking that shit to skool
  13. well for obvious reasons i wont be leaving anything in my car:p
  14. You have no rights when it comes to the schools property.

    Which I think is wrong when you are required by law to go, of course their argument is you have the option for being home or privately schooled. But that's a whole other issue.
  15. i think this goes in the Real Stories section

    BTW, don't bring your shit to school that's just asking for it.

  16. School*

    Sorry, I'm not the grammar police, but seeing someone type skool really gets to me. :)
  17. Yea^ civic that they teach you that in skool
  18. happened to me... sort of... and I got away with it :D

    but yeah man it sucks

    they fucking interrogate kids like good cop bad cop (not kidding)
  19. LEGALIZE IT! and theres no problem here! damn obama!
  20. tobad obama is just a pupet for the people who actually run this country(world actually) above the government, and they would never allow it. but i do agree:wave:

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