busted....any hope?

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    My boyfriend just called me with the good news that he wasn't currently in jail even though he should be, and bad news that he might have to go to jail anyway. :'(

    Long story short he was stoney cruising out to his friends house and a cop pulled him over for his muffler being all fucked up. He had an 8th of a bottle of whiskey in the car and a bowl and bag in his pocket. The cop saw the whiskey and then asked him to step out, asked if he had anything on him that he shouldn't have. He said at this point he figured he was going to jail for sure because the car reeked like weed, had no insurance, his license was broken, high, open container...so he was just straight with him and said yes and put the bowl and weed on the car.

    Since he was straight with him the cop gave him usage of marijuana instead of posession and he got an open container violation, and well yeah, he didn't go to jail tonight. By all means he should have, between the weed, paraphanalia, driving high, no insurance, broken license and alcohol...he's incredibly lucky that he got off as easily as he did.

    Now my question - he has to go to court the 27th...we live in Michigan...this will be his second weed offense, the first one he just got probation. Apparantly it is up to 90 days for usage of marijuana, but I dunno how the alcohol is going to factor in. He wasn't drinking so he's got that going for him, but it was still there...anyone had any similar experiences even in other states? Or know what the best thing to do in this situation would be? Is there ANY chance of just getting probation vs. going to jail for 3 months or more?

    I can't believe this...I FINALLY find someone that I could see myself spending the rest of my life with, without a doubt....the only person I want to...and now this...we've only known each other for 4 or 5 months now and we've been going out for a couple, but I've never felt like this about someone before, ever. It's a completely different feeling from my past bfs and it's absolutely amazing....love really is a wicked trip...And now the fucking bullshit laws are gonna try and take him away from me. Fuck that....I don't know what I'm gonna do. :confused: but I guess thats a whole nother story...thank you GC
  2. I'm sorry I cant really offer you any advice, but wow, what state are you in? Those are such severe punishments it seems for having pot. Where I live you are usually just let off with a ticket or a warning, rarely arrested.
  3. I highly doubt he will get any jail time, if he does it will be a week at most. 90 days is the maximum sentance allowed, it is mainly just used as a classification, no one ever gets the max penelty unless they are hibitual repeat offenders. Even if he got possesion (a 364 day misdemeanor) I doubt he would get any time. Chances are he will get 2 years of probation, probably $1500 in fines, and he will be forced to go to drug/alcohol counseling classes by his PO.
  4. you live near detroit? cause i got stopped in detroit they confiscated all my stuff but no ticket or anything

    also my two friends got stopped for possetion and some paraphinalia and they just got a ticket for loitering

    when they went to court the cops didnt even show so they got off free

    basically.. if u live in detroit u dont have much to b worried about

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