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busted, and hair folicle test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by finalreckoning, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Ok. So I got caught with some weed at school, I had it cuz I was going to my friends house after school and we were gonna smoke some. Well, I handed this guy some money and he asked for some Starbursts. But, one of the principals saw me giving him the money and starbursts, and thought that I gave him something else. So, I got searched, and they found it. Anyhow, my dad gave me a hair folicle test and it came out negative! Even though I had been smoking weed almost every day for about 3 months! I know, its wack!:eek: Luckily, I havent had to go to court, so, overall, I guess it turned out pretty ok.
  2. lol nice but whyd you give him starbursters :confused:
  3. oh, i gave him some starbursts because it was lunchtime and i had some and he asked for some. and to think, i almost got a snickers bar. lol. but funny thing is, i had a gut feeling that i should take the weed off of me when i was gettin dressed that morning, but i kinda shrugged it off :(
  4. haha your lucky your dad didnt give you a piss test that was not a good choice on his part w/ a hair test. those are shitty i hear. But you really lucky the school didnt do anything to you. We would get taken to the police station by our school cop if that happened in our school
  5. You're hair would have to be cut, and fully re grown (9 months) for the test to be positive. That is, if you just started smoking. Atleast I think so..
  6. well, he also piss tested me. that came back positive, so he thinks i only smoked like once lol. but yah, im pretty tight with the principal, and he said he was gonna let me off if they werent tryin to bust the other guy. but, it was weird. whenever anyone else gets busted, they get handcuffed and taken downtown to the jail. they didnt even handcuff me. or take me to jail. they even left me unattended in the hall as they were interrogating the other boy. lol. but they just called my dad and made him escourt me home. oh, but luckily, as they were searching me, i was able to slide my pipe into the sleeve of my jacket, so at least i still have that :smoke:

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