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  1. damn. i got caught the other week by my parents for smoking in the house (i don't move into college til august), and they flipped. i tightened up my operations and kept everything really chill. i figured everything would be cool and they wouldn't know a thing.

    my dad went along pretty cluelessly, i don't think he suspected anything. my mom though, she should have been a CSI. she didn't tell me how she figured it out, because i didn't leave any lingering smells or paraphernalia lying around, but she could tell, and finally found her way to an empty water bottle steamroller and pinned me on it. she flipped her shit!

    so now im pretty fucked. my dads still cool, since he was a stoner, but shes pretty flipped out.

    i guess ill just have to wait until summer when stuff is more chill, or worst case scenario, blaze it up stress-free once i get to college.

    but yea, anyways, not blazed. probably not gonna be blazed for a while. ill look at the bright side of things and just call this an "involuntary tolerance break". ill probably get really fucked up when i get the chance again :D
  2. great way too look at it.. That point of view helped me to stop smoking for random drug tests i have when i got my ticket.. Ended sayin fuck it tho because it had been like 60 days out of the 120 and i hadnt got DT'ed yet so i just couldnt say no when they blow a blunt right if front of me. GL with that tho.. and if u do decide to smoke in their house agin just be damn carefull

  3. sploof is irrelevant.
  4. hey man great attitude. college is great and you'll enjoy it whether or not you take a hiatus over the summer. it's best to respect the wishes of whoever provides the shelter. i'll smoke some resin for you...last bowl for a while tonight for me. peace.
  5. its always better being busted by your parents than cops lol
  6. why do you smoke in the house? theres a whole world out there for you and you choose to do it in a confined place where you arent supposed to be smoking in. go find a forest or go under a bridge.

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