Busta Rhymes, DMX, and GNOMES

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GLADIVS, Jul 2, 2004.

  1. I'll start this story by first stating that I am under the influence of some REAL HEAVY GReens! (I mixed AK47 with Blueberry) made myself and my girl two GIANT J's....we put some Tunes, Busta Rhymes and DMX. some of my favourite rappers. After finishing the 2 Joints in about i'd say 30 minutes each....


    I've never really had an experience of "hallucinations" per se with MJ. but then these little GN0MES, 2 of them, started coming out and jamming to Busta and then to DMX (I was playing some tunes on my PC). they were angry little bastards too! they kept on saying "YOU AIN'T GOT SHIT ON ME MY N****!!" then they started barking and saying something about the "GNOME Pound" ?? wonder WTF that is but whatever, lol. I am starting to think this stuff came laced or something or maybe the "Green Dragon" I pounced on the day before did something to my mind.

    I'm really baked right now as I am typing this story so bare with me.

    that's about it. they just said crazy shit and started dancing around. then they disappeared.

    Insane stuff Eh? =-o

    below is what they looked like for those that don't know what Gnomes are.

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  2. Thats sweet man u musta been baked as fuck, those gnomes do look trippy though.
  3. Hell yeah man! I was out of this planet!

    trippy little buggers for sure!
  4. i once had this trippy weed....me and 2 of my friends...baked out...with a bong, a joint, and a bowl....we smoked like a 30 bag in about an hour....soo later on i was chillen out...watchin a movie...and i start to go numb....and im like wtf...then i wanted to get up...but i diddnt wana move?....i felt like i was floatin around in like...soup...then came the bread.....it was like a loaf of bread...just floatin around...i tried to grab it....but it diddnt work....oh man that night was crazy

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