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  1. So last thursday night after a long hard day of work I was walking home, smokin a J as usual and just threw the roach away when I knowticed two cops sitting in the parking lot infront of me, I pretty much knew that if they even stoped to talk to me Id be fucked. They did. They were just askin me simple questions and after they didnt let me leave after a lil bit I knew they knew what was up. The one cop asked me if I had been smokin, I said no, then he asked if I had any on me and I said I had a lil baggie which .20 grams of roach weed just happend to fall out of the roach into my baggie. Anyway I got detained till my parents got me and they said they were gonna call with a court date, and to spice it up a lil bit last December there was some purse theif guy that happend to look like me and the dogs even traced his scent over to my house (which was prolly just weed smell or something) and now that im in the record their all doing this investigation thing. I think that should end up fine though. Well I was wondering if anyone knew how long they usually take to call you, I wanna take the time I have to clear my system instead of a smoking binge, so if they give me a drug test I can hopefully pass and everything will go easier on me.

    The one cop that busted me even said to the other cops how it was just a stupid crime and he just had to do it. He also said I was very cooperative and I even appologized for making him write a report and all. Well, if anyone has any suggestions or knows about how long their gonna take, that will be greatly apperciated. Peace.
  2. fuck cops, you weren't hurting ANYONE. hell, who gives a damn. you were on your way home not out to cause trouble or anything. fuck tha police.

    anyways.. sorry but i can't help you. lol
  3. you did lie about not smoking though. That probably didn't help the situation seeing as how they pretty much knew you were...

    EDIT: *celebrates 1000 posts* :smoke:
  4. yea, when we got in a car accident (both peoples faults equally, we didn't yeild, other guy was going 30 mph over) and they cops knew we were high, we just told them we had smoked at the house we were at before we left, about two hours ago, then they didn't even search us, and I had an 1/8. And this was after the cops found my bowl on the ground, and I admitted it was mine... trust me, its worth it not to lie, if its a cool cop, they will be nice to you. :D
  5. screw that

    i lied to the ATF, yes, the ATF

    my friend didnt lie at all

    we got the same amount of trouble

    i hate the police
  6. they didnt know i was high though, cause it was some burnt roach weed and I can maintain with the best of em. So they thought they just smelt the burnt ass weed
  7. when a kid cant even walk down the street not hurting anyone,whithout a cop hassling him....thats some bullshit. fuck cops. theyre all washed up jocks who couldnt make anythign of themselves, so they did they easy thing and became cops...peices of shit
  8. Try moving to Iraq if you don't like cops. Then you'll see
    what life without police officers is really like.

    These guys do a dangerous, often unthanked job, day in and
    day out with a dedication most people don't aspire to in their
    entire lives.

    Don't disrespect cops. That's not cool.

    Just my opinion. No hard feelings okay? I don't want to start
    a flame war or anything.

  9. for the record, I never bad mouthed cops. Those are people who rather piss cops off with smart ass remarks and shit.

  10. That was most definitely not directed at you. I think you
    handled yourself very well.

    That was toward the people saying fuck the police and stuff
    like that.
  11. yeah, don't say fuck the police. just say fuck their weed policy. if they bust you for having .2 of roach weed, that's really fucking sad. don't they have anything better to do for christ's sake? why don't they go look for an actual crime to solve, instead of wasting their time on some pothead who isn't hurting anyone or anything?

  12. I must agree with Blix. When you dump on this country's institutions--such as the police--you just havn't looked at conditions elswhere.
    The whole trick is not to do dumb things and if you do, don't get caught at it. This has been my salvation. In 71+ years I've never been arrested--detained a few times, yes and put on a lie dectector a couble of times, yes, but never into the slammer. I'm trying for a perfect record--and I've nearly fucking made it. im not bragging but this smokie stuff im inhalingmaking me foggier but sure feels fucked up hopei didnt ramble too muck or offend--didnt meen to.have a nice whatever.
    :smoke: PS. sugarcron--hope everything woroks out ok for you
  13. not fuck the cops but fuck the fucking govt laws. They just do their job but the job has fucked up laws.

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