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  1. So I got like 11 15mg's of these for free. Ate a few, and snorted one.. kinda an odd downer with some weird effects...

    anyone else screwed with these before?
  2. Absolutely terrible.

    I've never heard one good thing about em from people who tried to take them recreationally, every story I read put it down... and my medical experience made me HATE it.

    I took it the first day prescribed, the next day when I woke up I had thought my contacts had fallen out my vision was so blurry (and I'm like... freakin blind my vision is so bad).

    I only took it for a few days, and for over a week I felt the effects. I was one clumsy mofo. I would just fall over at random from my legs giving out from under me.

    My advice... flush all of those in the toilet.
  3. You shouldnt have done those breuh...

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