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Bushmaster15's Grow Journal---Mosca Seeds Helio OGK

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Bushmaster15, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. Been off the grid for a while but have started a new grow. I'm running Mosca seeds Helio OGK. Received my beans from DCSE last night at 6pm (had them in 2 days after order processed... thanks A million DCSE!) seeds cracked in less than 12 hours believe it or not. Put them in soil about an hour ago in my 4 bulb t8 seedling cab. Really looking forward to this grow!
  2. Veg
    The seeds popped above the soil line last night. I still can't believe that I ordered my seeds, germinated them, and had them break soil in a weeks time. It's great to finally have some seed banks stateside.
    I sanitized my 5 gallon buckets today and mixed up around 3 cubic feet of soil. This time around I mixed in double the perlite. About 4 quarts per 5 gallon bucket.
    Tomorrow I'll bleach my tent and do one final equipment check.
    I plan on vegging the ladies under the t8s for about 2 weeks before blasting them with the Metal Halide.
    Right now the plan is to veg them until they're about 18" or until I fill the ring on their buckets before switching the light schedule to 12/12. Probably just topping once.
  3. Transplanted to 1 gallon pots on the 6th of December and put them in the tent under 600w metal halide. My inline fan was making noise so I emailed vivosun and they sent me a new fan no questions asked. Very friendly customer service.
    Been dealing with low temps in my grow room and had to turn on a space heater (low setting) and change my lights out time to 11am-5pm. Lights out temps are running around 60 with temps of about 72 with lights on. Not ideal but I'm not complaining.
    Here are some pics.. about 2 1/2 weeks from seed.
    Helio OGK by Mosca Seeds

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  4. I'm about 5 weeks in at this point and they've been transplanted in to their final pots.. 5 gallon buckets with holes drilled about every inch across the top of the bucket lip for low stress training.. which began last night. Out of 4 plants, 2 are runts and 2 are growing perfectly. They've been topped once.
    I'm pretty sure the two healthy plants are the same pheno and the two runs are the same.. and can't figure out if they're just sensitive to ferts or I overwatered or what. I'm hoping that since I transplanted to the 5 gallon buckets that they'll perk back up and recover fully.
    I plan on vegging for another month or so to get some monsters before flipping over to 12/12. I'll update tomorrow with pics.
  5. IMG_3233.JPG Finally, had time to take a few pics.
    One of the runts is catching up to the two healthiest plants. The other runt has been pulled to the edge of the tent.
    I plan on trying out the bubble cloner that I built later on tonight.. only taking about 4-6 just to get a feel for it. About a week before I plan on flowering, I'll probably cut enough to fill the cloner.
    Pics--- Helio OGK from seed popped 11/23 and have been LST'ed in 5 gallon buckets.
  6. Update--- we've been dealing with colder than normal temps for a few weeks.. with wind chills down to 15-20 below. I've been battling them in the grow room as well. I added a space heater in the room outside of the tent and lights on temps are around 70 degrees while lights off temps range from 59-62 degrees. This has slowed growth a tad.
  7. Had a warm spell this week with temps in the mid 60s and it seemed to help things in the grow room. Growth has exploded.
    I've been LSTing the hell out of the plants and ended up breaking a branch on one of the best growing plants one day but taped it up and it seemed to heal quickly. It was a smaller secondary branch though... but, the next evening I was at it hard again and broke one of the bigger branches some time after a LST session. There was no saving this one so I hurried up and cut it off, cut it down to size and threw it in my cloner. Hopefully she throws out some roots.
    I also introduced unsulphured blackstrap molasses to their diet and they seem to like it. The 22nd of this month will make 2 months since the seeds popped. I normally flower after 2 months but this time I plan on getting the main branches positioned where I want them (where I'd normally flower at that point) but let them grow upwards for another two weeks. Hoping for 18" colas this go round.

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  8. Veg Week #7

    added some unsulphured blackstrap molasses in with a watering a few days back and pretty sure the micronutrients are doing their thing. Plants seem to be growing 1/2"-1" or so a day.

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  9. Plants are doing great! Nice flat and even canopy measuring around 3'x3'. I introduced some epsom salt to their waterings and they're loving the extra magnesium.
    The first clones that I cut have rooted.. I've already transplanted one to soil and have it on the outer edge of my main plants.
    I plan on switching out bulbs to the HPS and starting 12/12 in a week.
    I've stopped training to allow the tops to get taller.

    IMG_3299.JPG IMG_3300.JPG IMG_3301.JPG
  10. Plants have really bushed out this week and I've been thinking hard about cutting some branches out of the center to thin them out at little. But, I'm afraid that by doing so that will hurt my overall yield.
    Measuring from the rim of the bucket, where they're clipped, all new growth tips are about 10" tall.
    I'm torn between changing out the MH bulb to HPS and flowering or letting them gain some height and vegging for another week.
    Some pics---

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  11. Plants have vegged for 10 weeks.. I swapped the MH bulb for the HPS last night and changed the light schedule to 12/12 to begin flowering these behemoths. Plants are measuring about 20"x20"x 14" tall.
    I have 11 clones in the cloner rooting and 2 that have rooted in peat pucks with soil surrounding the pucks. Thinking the soil was too hot because they haven't started any new growth. I'm hoping these clones take off so I can put two in every two weeks starting in one month.

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  12. 2 1/2 weeks in to flowering

    gave plants another dose of veg/bloom nutes bc of the rapid growth. Used 12-55-6 at 1/2 strength.. with two teaspoons of epsom salt and a tablespoon of molasses. Tops measure 18" and canopy is over 4'x4'. Added extra lime just in case of calcium issues.
    All clones in bubble cloner rooted and were transplanted (2/15) and are under 4 48" 5600k t8s. Plan on tossing a few in every week or two. Everything seems good for now.

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  13. What's going on man the plants look nice and healthy I'm running the same strain also. I' gonna b pushing 8 weeks of flower very soon. I c u could keep it's a little more tamed then I could. It seems no matter what I would do to them love lived to grow vertical. And it's look the complete opposite. Unless i can make them out in the pics u put up. The ones I am running r close 2 4 feet tall. If ur intrested pm is like to talk more about this strain.

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  14. They r the two in the back corners

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