Bushmaster speeding up flowering

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  1. ok i got some beans from the attitude seed bank G13 pinepple express (non auto flower) im growing it in a general hydroponics waterfarm topping for heightcontrol using the advanced nutrients sensi grow a&b ph perfect for both the veg and the flower phase of growth as my base nutrients then during the flowering stage I've added bushmaster pineapple rush flora nectuar, pure flowers, snowstorm, and HG top booster... Ok now to get to the point during the first week of flower i dropped my ppm's from 700 to 500 as ive always done and added the bushmaster for maximum performance the thing is im at week 6 (day 37) of what i believe to be a 56-65 day strain but my tric's are 80% cloudy 15% clear and 5% amber is this becuse of the bushmaster? the hairs havent died back yet and there just starting to turn redish/orange but i see it as the hairs themselves need at least two more weeks to receed back into the calxyes i flush so should i begin to flush now or should i continue with my feeding regiment as planned or wait it out and see if i get more yeild as of right now the way i understand it im within my peak harvest time of plants life cycle... what would you do???? ive uploaded pics you cant see the tric's but any help is greatly appreciated IMG_1436.JPG IMG_1437.JPG IMG_1441.JPG IMG_1439.JPG

  2. Damn dude . One looks burnt tho .

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  3. i thought that to but the plant eats so much  nitrogen in the flowering stage that the large fan leaves are dying

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