Bushing Diffuser Airflow

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  1. My piece has an 18mm female and usually, I use an Alex K bushing diffy to 14mm.

    I was thinking of getting a new downstem and ashcatcher and am unsure as to what size joints to choose.

    Would there be a noteable difference in airflow with 18 > 18mm (18mm male on the a/c) as opposed to 18 > 14mm (bushing style with 14mm male on the a/c)?

    Or, would I still gain that airflow on an 18 > 18mm with an adapter (so a/c would still be 14mm) as opposed to the bushing type?

    Thank you for any help!
  2. 14s have less airflow than 18s

    14 up to 18 adapter wouldn't increase airflow

    the airflow is limited by the most restricted point

    hope this helps :)
  3. Thank you! :)

    Thing is, I like the control of 14mm but the clear of 18mm.

    So, if I keep the downstem at 18 and the male on the a/c 18, can I still gain more initial airflow control if the slide in the a/c is 14mm (either through an adapter or by having the a/c's female at 14mm)?
  4. yea i have 2 tubes currently

    ones a syn beaker 16 inch 45mm bore dome perc with an 18/14 diffy no a/c

    and the other is a
    hbg beaker 12 inch 55mm bore 4arm treeperc with a 18/18 diffy but with a 14 female on a/c diffy

    the syn has more thicker milk buts still very good flow with my ip slides
    the hbg is more airy but you can take thick hits still just really big ones only
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