Bush wants religious zelots in on the war.

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Digit, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. 3039 10/07/2003
    The Bush administration are trying to get religious organisations involved in their anti-drug campaigns, even financially. Big Anti-Drug Boss John Walters insists that 'faith' plays an important role in prevention because religious communities can persuade young people to keep away from drugs.
  2. Bush and zealots..........hand in hand since he got religion and quit boozin................

    now he's a typical "dry drunk" ,born again ,and out to save the world.

    Even if it kills every last one of us.

    But hey here's a news flash ol buddy ...........

    ........no body cares.

    At least not enough to STOP him.
  3. I can stop the drug use in kids with ease...

    I say lockem up till they turn 25....

    Thats got to be the worst job in the world... Having a mind that actually thinks they can stop people from smoking pot!!!

  4. LOL...as if! When I was at school, every Jesuit I knew loved the bottle. Most of my other Catholic friends loved the weed & a lot of em used to love coke. Now some religions forbid some kinds of drugs, but I do think that once again Mr. Bush is trying to force the far right born-agains upon us.

    The funny thing is that no matter how "educated" our youth become on the "dangers" of mj, their levels of usage remain about the same. Bottom line: legalize it & control it, like booze & tobacco if you really want to keep it out of kid's hands.

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